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I will get out a TAP report on a player written 5 years ago and it reads like I am the one that wrote it.
Bill Belichick, Head Coach, New England Patriots
If you are an athletic organization trying to select and grow players, the TAP profiles will help you succeed.
Bill Polian, former Vice-Chairman, Indianapolis Colts
The teams I have worked for have used the TAP profiles for over 20 years and we believe it is an integral part of the player selection and player development process.
Tom Telesco, General Manager, San Diego Chargers
We assess the physical skills of a player…what we can’t assess are their mental tools. The TAP gives us an opportunity to look at a player and assess what works for that player, and how to coach that recruit. That is why we use the TAP.
Monte Lee, Head Baseball Coach, Clemson University
We are constantly looking for ways to help our players reach their full potential. Having the right mindset is critical to success in the game of basketball and with our program. We use the TAP 360 to help us coach each athlete smarter and develop them into champions on and off the court.
Jamion Christian, Head Coach Men’s Basketball, Mount St. Mary’s University
…now that we tested our players, during our workouts I can see why certain players are struggling because of certain characteristics that the TAP picked up right away…and when you address the player about it, they will say ‘Man, you really do know me.’
Sean O'Connor, Head Baseball Coach, DeMatha High School
“The TAP Athlete Development Report helped take me to another level in game performance.”
Sam Landry, Quarterback, Hillsdale College
“[It] taught us how to effectively communicate and connect with our daughter about athletics and everyday life. When our daughter read her TAP report she said ‘Finally, someone that understands me!”
Gavin & Jolynne Pike, Monclova, Ohio

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Inside the Helmet

nb_helmet_i“I was reflecting on our last season this past spring while scanning the newspaper one morning.  I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw an article written by Ron Borges of the Boston Globe.  The article started out with: “Bill Belichick still remembers the first time he saw what Bob Troutwine could do. This took me back several years when I was the head coach at Christian High School in San Diego.  A private school, we could offer tuition paid spots to promising athletes.  I was doing a lot of hand-wringing over some misgivings about my prospects.  I picked up the phone and called the San Diego Chargers, to find out how they dealt with these issues in the NFL Draft.  That was when I first heard of Bob Troutwine.
read more… – High School Head Coach Jay Mack

We Found The TAP Reports to be “Right On”

ed-baker-perryville-high-school“We tested our entire program from seniors to 7th graders.  We found the TAP reports to be ‘right on’ in describing the characteristics of the seniors we had coached and known for years.  This gave us confidence that the details provided on the younger and up-and-coming players was accurate.  Although we found the reports on the individual players to be very beneficial in working with them, what we found most valuable was learning about the overall personality and make-up of the entire team.  I don’t know of another tool that could have provided us these insights and we found the information very useful in developing our high-level strategy for the upcoming season.”  
– Ed Baker, Head Football Coach, Perryville High School

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