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You’ll be viewed as a professional coach who builds character and teaches life’s lessons while moving your team to the next level of performance.

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You’ll have tips for motivating and teaching each player,
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Our athlete assessment, the Troutwine Athletic Profile© (the TAP) has established a long track record of building championship teams – 61 to date – with well over 30,000 elite athletes having taken the TAP as part of that process.

We started our work in the NFL® assisting with player selection and development – working with over half the teams and approximately 95% of current players having taken the TAP. 

The TAP is also in use by many MLB® teams – more than half of all players in the 2015 draft took the TAP.  Today college, high school and club teams are now using the TAP to help them join the ranks of championship teams built with the help of the TAP.


We make it easy to understand someone’s mindset.
It’s like Googling your player’s mind.


There are 66 mindset indicators that the TAP measures and assigns to athletes based upon individual TAP scoring.

Get to Know Your Athlete Types

They’re already on your team. 

Our big data analysis uncovered eight types of successful athletes
– a combination of personality traits, habits and attitude. 

If there were only one athlete personality type, it would be easy to know everything about how to motivate them, how they learn, how they will react and how to best coach them.

In reality, the situation is much more challenging for coaches as our analysis of the more than 30,000 athletes in the TAP database uncovered 8 different athlete types, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies and particular coaching techniques that work for each type. However, because coaches don’t have the time to become an expert on every type, we developed the TAP Athlete Types and system for coaching and developing them.

Why knowing Athlete Type is important

The TAP Athlete Types

More than 30,000 elite athletes have taken the TAP assessment over the years creating the richest database of this kind on the planet.  A deep statistical analysis of the TAP database based on the actual answers by these elite athletes revealed eight (8) distinct athlete types (more than personality), each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and particularly effective coaching techniques to help each type maximize their potential.

The TAP Athlete Types are beneficial in a variety of ways

  • Athlete Types provide a high level overview of an individual’s mental make-up
  • They introduce a common framework for coaches and athletes to better understand and interact with one another
  • They provide a positive self-identifying image for athletes
  • Most find it interesting and fun to learn their athlete type and share it with others


Find out if the inside is as good as the outside.

Intangibles below the surface are critical to performance.


The TAP can tell you more about an athlete than you might learn in an entire season of coaching. It reveals an athlete’s baseline on critical mental factors that are often missed in an ordinary evaluation of an individual or team.

That’s Why These Teams Evaluate Their Athletes with the TAP


College of Charleston

Tampa Bay Buccaneers





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Northwestern High School football

Evoshield Canes


Diamond Prospects

Minnesota Chill

Maximize Each Athlete’s Potential

Have them set improvement goals and work out in our Mental Gym. Players will spend time mentally preparing and doing mental workouts on their own. The Mental Gym has concentration and confidence building exercises and Athlete Type tips on what to emphasize. You’ll get to spend more time on coaching.

Learn more about theMental Gym

Athletes: want to be a Champion?

Then get tough. Mentally tough.

It takes more than muscle, more than practice, more than sheer determination to be the best you can be.

It takes a Champion’s Mindset.

Professional and college athletes take the TAP to develop their champion’s mindset.

Now you can, too.

Have a clear plan of attack for improvement.
Learn ways to control your performance to be more consistent.
Find out how your athletic mindset compares to other elite athletes
(and use the same tool they use to improve their mental game)


More than 30,000 elite athletes have taken The TAP.

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