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A Knight’s Edge: Draymond Green

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Draymond Green is one of the larger-than-life personalities in the NBA. A polarizing figure during the Golden State Warriors run of three championships in four seasons, Green has experienced a level of success some can only dream of.

He is viewed as the heart and soul of one of the greatest teams ever assembled in professional sports history, and his drive to succeed comes from within.

Read more to find out how Green’s Knight athlete type and mindset has had an impact on the course […]

The Next BIG Thing: Mo Bamba

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He has the largest wingspan ever recorded in the history of the NBA Scouting Combine. Mohamed Bamba, more commonly known as Mo Bamba, has dreams and a personality bigger than his other-worldly measurables.

In his one season at Texas, he led the Big 12 in blocks with nearly four per game, and now NBA talent evaluators are intrigued by not only Bamba’s potential on the hardwood, but also his character off of it.

Read more about the unique path Bamba has taken, that saw […]

Blasting off: Tom Brady

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There is no trait in sports that is more talked about and dissected than the “clutch gene”. The ability to stare down the barrel of an immeasurable situation and deliver the goods, despite what may feel like the odds being heavily stacked against you.

This discussion is perhaps loudest when discussing the performances and careers of National Football League quarterbacks. Analysts spend hours on end debating which quarterback in NFL history is the most “clutch”.

After his performance in Super Bowl 51, where he brought his New England Patriots back from the dead against the […]

A Comprehensive Look at the 2018 NFL Draft with AthleteTypes

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The 2018 NFL Draft is officially in the books, and 254 young men have had their lives changed after hearing their name called in Arlington, Texas.

Of those 254 draft picks, 248 players selected in the 2018 NFL Draft are in the AthleteTypes TAP database. That means that nearly 98 percent of all players selected from the 2018 NFL Draft are in the AthleteTypes database, including 100 percent of players taken in the first five rounds, not to mention the hundreds of undrafted players who also took the TAP assessment.

So, what are some things we can gather […]

Aaron Rodgers: The Spark Plug

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He’s possibly the most dynamic passer the NFL has ever seen. He is the two-time MVP and 2011 Super Bowl champion, Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers, who suffered an embarrassing, nationally televised fall during the 2005 NFL Draft has molded himself into one of the greatest to ever play the quarterback position.

Read about Rodger’s Engineer athlete type, and how that mindset has shown itself throughout his dominant career so far:


Unblockable: Dirk Nowitzki

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One of the most prolific scorers in NBA History, Dirk Nowitzki is perhaps the most successful foreign player of all time in the NBA.

The German-born big man is one of only eight players in the entire history of the NBA to score 30,000 points in their career.

Read more to find out how Dirk, an Engineer Athlete developed the shot that allowed him to get buckets over anyone and everyone during his Hall of Fame career:


A Dominant Evolution: Jake Arrieta

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After a revolving-door career between the Baltimore Orioles and their Richmond-based minor league affiliate, Jake Arrieta considered quitting baseball altogether.

Three years later, he put together one of the most dominant stretches by a pitcher in the entire history of baseball.

Read this and find out how a change of scenery and an open mind to new training techniques, trademarks of his Maverick athlete type– helped Arrieta transcend the poor start to his career:


Always Adapting: Justin Verlander

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Justin Verlander has been one of the most feared pitchers in baseball over the last decade and a half.

After playing all of his major league career for the Detroit Tigers, Verlander was traded to the Houston Astros at the trade deadline in 2017 and helped carry the Astros to the World Series title.

Find out how Verlander, a Maverick Athlete, used all of the technology and data at his disposal in Houston to develop a new pitch in his repertoire, and take his already high-level game up […]

Jared Goff: A Welcomed Change

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With one of the most disappointing seasons by a quarterback selected first overall in the draft, Jared Goff was already being labeled a bust after only his rookie season.

When new head coach Sean McVay came along, he utilized Goff’s abilities and put him in a system he would be more comfortable with– and the results showed themselves quickly.

Read about how Goff re-energized his career by using his Maverick mindset; open to change and flourishing under a new, less-rigid structure:


Peyton Manning: Eyes of an Eagle

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Peyton Manning is known for being perceptive and intelligent behind center. Whether he was taking snaps for the Indianapolis Colts or the Denver Broncos, Manning was always the most prepared player on the field.

This affinity for preparation and hard-work relates to Manning’s mindset as an Eagle athlete, a mindset that helped him go from number one overall pick in the 1996 NFL Draft to a sure-fire lock as a hall of famer and possibly the greatest quarterback of all time.

Read more about Manning’s mindset and how he used it to not only keep himself prepared, but also […]