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Testing for Mental Toughness with Dr. Robert Troutwine

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Interview with Dr. Robert Troutwine, the chief psychologist at The Right Profile, who tests elite athletes for their Mental Toughness.

Dr. Troutwine, you’ve been testing elite athletes for 30 years. What are you looking for in a player?

“The real question I drive at is: Can this player take their game to the next level? With the evidence that we collect in the TAP, we feel very confident that we can ascertain that. Remember, at all levels – pro, college and high school – scouts and coaches are looking at the physical qualities of the players. Some of these players are at the top in terms of their physical skills. They can run, jump, bench press the world, but the last thing, the unknown, is the mental side.

“Do they have weaknesses that hold them back or the opposite, in the pros are they a late round pick that is a diamond in the rough […]

Mental Toughness has Always Been a Muscle for Me

2018-05-11T21:56:06+00:00 Athlete, Lacrosse, Professional|

Brendan Fowler, MLL All-Star and 2x NCAA national champion, who began his career as a walk-on football and lacrosse player at Duke, scored a 99 on the TAP for Mental Toughness, a combination of traits that are not just personality but include habits, attitude and mindset. We asked him about mental toughness and how that made a difference for him.

What happened when you took the TAP and saw your results?

brendon-fowler-lacrosse“I thought it was cool. The test was pretty in depth and it compares you to elite athletes. But I do pride myself on mental toughness, which has been an edge for me over a lot of guys because I never thought I was the most gifted guy physically but I thought I had a mental edge over a lot of people. It was cool to see that come up on the test […]

Girls U17 Soccer 2015 National Champions

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Minnesota Thunder Academy
2015 National Champions
Elite Clubs National League
Girls U17 Soccer

January, 2016 Eden Prairie, Minnesota
  Ted Johnson, Director of Sports Science, Performance Athletix talks about helping an elite U17 girls soccer team move from third to last place in the league to National Champions.

Ted-Johnson-Performance-Athletix Ted Johnson, Performance Athletix (left), Coach Dave Alberti (right) and Minnesota Thunder Academy 2015 National Champions, Elite Clubs National League, Girls U17 Soccer

TRP: As a sports scientist who trains elite athletes, how did you become involved with this U17 Girls Soccer team?

I was working with several girls on the team on a individual basis and thought that the entire team would benefit from my training program, which includes the TAP. After a difficult season, nine girls began their training program with Performance […]

NFL Kickers Have a Special Type of Mental Toughness

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by Dr. Robert Troutwine

My last blog talked about the mental toughness on display during the World Series. It was right after game two and I promised that more examples of mental toughness would be on display in game three. This prophecy became true as a World Series unfolded. The Kansas City Royals put on an exhibition of mental toughness that excited not only the hometown crowd but people across the country. The Mets also had many examples and their fan base has much to be proud of.

Now, it is a new year and the second round of NFL playoffs will be played tomorrow and Sunday. In the first round of playoffs with the wild-card teams, many of the games came down to the special teams. As we’ve heard 1000 times, the kicking game is one third of the picture. The players on […]

Kansas City Royals: World Class Mental Toughness

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by Dr. Robert Troutwine

Mental Toughness is one of the hottest buzzwords in sports today.  In fact, it is the Holy Grail, even in business, military and some government agencies.  “Mental Toughness” is repeated often but shows up in different ways in athletic competition.  The 2015 World Series, so far at least, is a great example.

Some coaches view mental toughness as perseverance.  Perseverance was on display by both the Royals and Mets in the 14 inning Game One, the record for the longest World Series game. This would not have happened had Alex Gordon not homered in the bottom of the 9th when things looked hopeless for the Royals.  Mental toughness in this case was coming through in the clutch.

In Game 2, Royals starter Johnny Cueto was coasting along until the 4

Northwestern High School Football

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Kyle Richardson Adds TAP Coaching System to Northwestern High School Football Program

kyle-richardson photo credit: heraldonline.com

August, 2015 Rock Hill, SC  Football head coach Kyle Richardson talks about the using TAP360 System and how it has affected his coaching and his coaching staff.

TRP: How are you using the TAP?

Kyle Richardson: We tested our whole team, about 120 players, at the end of spring practice last May, so we had everybody on file, and we tested our whole coaching staff, too. We spent the summer looking at the results. I had a staff meeting and went through the system. We are full force in it.

TRP: How did the staff take to it?

Kyle Richardson: I’ll be honest with you, I thought they would have a little kick-back on it and not be as excited as I was to get started with it. We spent one […]

Clemson University Baseball

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Monte Lee brings TAP Player Evaluation
and Development System to Clemson Baseball

July, 2015 Clemson, SC  New head baseball coach Monte Lee is bringing the TAP player evaluation and development system he used at College of Charleston to his new position at Clemson University.

Monte-Lee Monte Lee, Head Baseball Coach at Clemson University, Clemson SC

TRP: Congratulations on being named head baseball coach at Clemson! We know you used the TAP system at College of Charleston. Have you started using the TAP at Clemson?

Monte Lee: We are officially using the TAP here at Clemson. We just set it up this morning and sent out a group email to all of our players and told them they have until tomorrow to take the TAP, if that tells you anything about how important the TAP test is to us.

TRP: So you […]

Benedictine University Athletics

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Fast-Growing Benedictine University is First Division III school to Offer The Right Profile’s TAP 360 Athlete Development System to All Student Athletes & Sports Teams

Benedictine University, ranked the No.1 fastest-growing campus by The Chronicle of Higher Education, adds the TAP 360 System from The Right Profile.

July 7, 2015 Lisle, IL  The Right Profile (TRP) interviewed Mark McHorney, Athletic Director at Benedictine University about being the first Division III school to implement the TAP 360 system.

mark_mchorney_11 Mark McHorney, Director of Athletics, Benedictine University

TRP: What made you look for a way to help athletes and coaches? 

Mark McHorney: We recently introduced the SOAR Academy, a comprehensive personal and professional development program designed to bring the many resources the university offers into unique programming for student athletes. We needed a functional tool that could help our student athletes with self-discovery. On the flip side, we wanted to provide […]


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kansas city royals


by Dr. Robert Troutwine       June 24, 2015

There’s a phenomenon that has recently developed that will probably come to a head following the 4th of July. In case you haven’t noticed last week’s news, eight out of nine projected starters for the American League team in the upcoming MLB All-Star game are Kansas City Royals. Due to increased fan voting for other players, the number is down to seven out of nine starters will be Kansas City Royals according to the latest vote totals.

This sets a precedent and is practically unparalleled. Also keep in mind that the MLB All Star game has greater importance than in other pro sports because the outcome of the game matters—the league that wins is the home team in the World Series. How did this happen? […]

College of Charleston Baseball

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Monte Lee, Head Baseball Coach at College of Charleston, SC

Charleston Baseball Coach Monte Lee says TAP accurately profiles players and recruits.

March 31, 2015 Charleston, SC  Headed out for a weekend series, Head Baseball Coach Monte Lee at the College of Charleston took some time to talk with The Right Profile about the TAP.

Coach Lee: We had a really good year last year (CAA Tournament Champions and NCAA Regional Champions) and are finding a way to put ourselves in that position again this year.

TRP: Are you using the TAP? Have you tested all of your players?

Coach Lee: As soon as we signed up for the TAP 360 program, the first thing we did was give the TAP to all of our coaches first. Then we gave it to the players. What was amazing to me is how accurate the player […]