The Posterboy: Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant was a key cog in the Chicago Cubs finally breaking through their 107 year long championship drought, bringing home the World Series title in 2016.

The 2016 National League MVP has been an impact player since breaking into the Majors as the Rookie of the Year in 2015.   

Read this article to see how the Trailblazer mentality manifests itself in Bryant both on and off the diamond:

Trailblazers are Spirited athletes. They love living life and they have extremely high expectations– almost to the point where their goals may seem unrealistic. This mentality makes others view Trailblazers as idealistic, with unreachable dreams, but shooting for the stars through creative problem solving is what drives a Trailblazer to even taller heights.

Kris Bryant, the star 3rd baseman for the Chicago Cubs may be the perfect example of this mindset.


Being the Best, no Matter What

“I don’t consider myself cocky, but every time I go on the field, I expect myself to be the best on the field. It doesn’t have to be just the MVP award or any of that. If I step off the field at the end of the year, and I tell myself that I wasn’t the best that year or that game, then I’m going to be disappointed in myself,” Bryant said in an interview with the Chicago Sun Times.

Whenever he does anything, he wants to be the best. That’s what drives Kris Bryant, and it’s the way he’s been since he was a kid; “It’s just always been my attitude and how I look at things and look at life in general,” Bryant said. “Even when I was in school, if I didn’t get an A in every class I was mad at myself, or an A on every test, I was mad because I strive for that.”

This mindset is very similar to the one quarterback coaching guru George Whitfield used to describe fellow Trailblazer athlete, Cam Newton. 

Bryant doesn’t just push himself to be a better player or better student, he is always looking for ways to further develop himself as a person and professional.

For example, after a slow offseason for many major free agents in the MLB and past problems with the money/game management from the Cubs, Bryant has decided it would be beneficial for he and his teammates (as well as other players around the league), if he stood up and became the player-rep for the Cubs.

“This offseason is one that really opened my eyes,” said Bryant, who hadn’t considered league-wide player issues a priority before. “But now it is. I need to study up, have my voice heard, continue to learn, because this is going to affect us for years to come. And I’d be foolish not to kind of offer myself out there.”

It’s that kind of adaptive mentality that shows the true Trailblazing nature of Kris Bryant– he is someone who can shift gears mentally and react when a situation demands, while also having the ability to be cautious when a situation calls for that kind of approach.


“I think with this next [CBA] things are definitely going to change, and there’ll definitely be more fight on our side just because we’re going to get the chance to experience the effects of some of the things we agreed to. The only way to get what you want here is to fight for it. And I think you’re going to see a lot of that.”

The confidence to tackle something of this magnitude is important to have for a player with as much public presence as Kris Bryant, and he does have a tremendous public presence– especially for a modern-day baseball player.

Trailblazers make Excellent Spokespeople

With his Trailblazer mindset, Bryant is drawn to and responds to aesthetics. In Bryants case– again, much like fellow Trailblazer athlete Cam Newton, he uses clothing as a way to express himself, literally.

In 2016, he became a brand ambassador for EXPRESS. This year has brought a lot of firsts for me, from winning a World Series title to being named MVP of the National League to inspiring fans to look and feel great through my work with EXPRESS,” said Bryant. “It’s been an incredible journey so far and I’m excited to see what’s next.”

The match appears to be beneficial for both sides, and Kris Bryant is exactly the confident, trailblazing personality EXPRESS was looking for.

“EXPRESS’ ongoing mission is to partner with brand ambassadors who are inspiring, confident and embody the spirit of our customers,” said David Kornberg, EXPRESS President and CEO. “Kris Bryant does just that – he lives his best life and looks great doing it. Kris is an incredible athlete whose hard-work and dedication has paid off. We’re thrilled for his achievements both on and off the field.”

EXPRESS isn’t the only creative outlet Bryant has going for him though. Trailblazer athletes love life and are seen as the life of the party, so there is no better way for brands to reach young fans than through a famous athlete with artistic interests and enthusiasm.

There are his spots with EXPRESS:


Who could forget his “Undercover Lyft” videos:


…Or his Red Bull prank videos:


And finally, possibly the most memorable– his Bryzzo Souvenir commercials for Major League Baseball:


“I’m really grateful for my opportunities and what I have here,” Bryant said after leading the Cubs to their first World Series win in over a century. “When you’re in the moment, you just want to put out the best version of yourself you can be. That’s what I want to be.”

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