Learn Your Athlete Type

Learn Your Athlete Type
  • Cool under pressure
  • Gets things done
  • Pushes hard to accomplish goals

Rocket Characteristics

  • Confident, in-charge style
  • Calm, cool & collected
  • Focused on getting things done
  • Optimistic demeanor
  • Does well in social situations
  • Often comfortable being the center of attention
  • Likes making quick decisions
  • May be overconfident in some decisions
  • Practical, like to get involved and be hands-on
  • May decide too quickly without fully considering options




Rocket Strengths

  • Cool Under Pressure
  • Gets Things Done
  • Will push hard to accomplish goals

Rocket Struggles

  • May rigidly stick to plans
  • Could be perceived as arrogant
  • May decide too quickly and fail to consider implications

Rocket Inspirations

  • Significant achievements
  • Chances to socialize and interact
  • Mastering many skills
  • Handling a pressure-packed moment


The Rocket is even-tempered due to their positive perspective on things. This leads to confidence in many situations, especially when making decisions.

The Rocket doesn’t waste much time when making decisions. The Rocket is interested in realistic and practical kinds of things. Even when it comes to dealing with people, the Rocket keeps it on a practical and realistic level.

Effects of Defining Traits

The Rocket type enjoys socializing. They will seem outgoing and at ease when interacting with other people. The Rocket is predictable in terms of their stable emotional reaction to things. In other words, they seldom get upset and are not typically moody. The Rocket pushes to achieve tangible goals. They desire mastery which means they don’t mind practicing until they become accomplished at a certain skill. Winning is important to the Rocket and they are attracted to competitive situations.

During Athletic Competition

The Rocket seldom gets intimidated by the opponent. They will readily move in for the kill and finish off an opponent when that time comes. Rockets have the ability to rebound from a mistake fairly quickly. As stated earlier, Rockets are quick decision makers. Few mistakes are made due to hesitation, but their bold and fearless decision style could lead to some costly mistakes.

Helping The Rocket

The sport and position of the Rocket should be analyzed and situations when in those positions should be identified where they need to be careful at reaching a decision. In general, the Rocket needs to be taught in which situations they need to be more patient. The Rocket needs to work on allowing the game to come to them instead of trying to force it. While competitive, there will be times that the Rocket will tend to take an opponent too lightly. Help them avoid this trap.

As stated above, this type pushes hard to reach tangible goals. Obviously, providing guidance will be helpful when setting tangible goals for the Rocket. Finally, the Rocket typically approaches problem solving with a practical perspective. They see a problem in a realistic manner but are not always the most creative at coming up with solutions. In short, this type needs some help with thinking outside the box.

Tom Brady Football

Brendan Fowler Lacrosse

Alicia Puren Netball

Prominent Pro Athlete Rockets

  • Tom Brady, football
  • Andrew Luck, football
  • Carson Wentz, football
  • Mike Evans, football
  • Jason Witten, football
  • Buster Posey, baseball
  • Andrew Miller, baseball
  • Josh Donaldson, baseball
  • Charlie Blackmon, baseball
  • Dallas Keuchel, baseball
  • Brendan Fowler, lacrosse
  • Jaco Peyper, rugby
  • Alicia Puren, netball
  • Lauren Chamberlain, softball
  • Kaitlyn Richardson, softball

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