Out of Orbit: Buster Posey

A three-time World Series champion for the Giants and an All-American at Florida State, Buster Posey is one of the most successful baseball players in modern baseball.

Comfortable with being in the spotlight and always calm in the pressure-packed moments of big-time games, Posey is the poster-player for Rocket athletes in Major League Baseball.

Read about how the Rocket mentality has propelled Posey to becoming the National League MVP in 2012, and even further throughout his career:

Preparing for Success

Every day he came to practice and came ready to get better… He never went through the motions, he wasn’t a rah-rah guy. He was just so consistent and led by example.”

This is the way Florida State University head baseball coach Mike Martin described his former All-American catcher, Buster Posey

Posey is a true Rocket. He was the Rookie of the Year in 2010, the National League MVP in 2012, and is a three-time World Series champion with the San Francisco Giants.


He exemplifies the Rocket athlete type both during competition and through practices. Showing confidence in the biggest moments on the field, and preparing for those moments through mental preparation and goal-setting off of it.

“He’s got what so many of us wish we had more of, and that’s mental toughness,” Martin said in an interview with FSUNews in 2015. “His preparedness is second to none, it’s not by accident that the Giants have won a lot of games… Buster prepares as well as anybody and leaves nothing to chance.”

That level of preparedness is a trait inherent to many Rockets; athletes like Posey are focused on getting things done, are typically very practical, they like to get involved and be hands on, and will push hard to accomplish their goals.

Comfortable with Pressure and Praise

Posey also exemplifies the Rocket as an athlete who doesn’t mind being the center of attention. When he was playing college ball at FSU, there would often be chants of “Hail to Buster” would break out, and he’s been the face of the Giants since he burst onto the scene for the ball club in 2010.

Like many other Rockets (including five time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, former NFL first overall draft pick Andrew Luck, and college softball’s all-time leader in home runs Lauren Chamberlain) Posey is at his best when the moment calls for him to come up big.

In Game 5 of the 2012 NLDS, an elimination game, Posey proved he could hang with some of the best clutch athletes across all sports, belting a grand slam to extend the Giants lead to six runs. He followed that up by throwing out a runner at third to end the inning when the Reds had two runners in scoring position and the tying run at the plate.

The Giants went on to win the World Series in 2012.

“I think he’s a goal-setter,” said retired reliever and former teammate Jeremy Affeldt. “I think he looks at [Yadier] Molina with the Gold Glove [eight years running] and says, ‘I could win that.'”

The combination of in-game confidence and off the field preparation has been a large factor in Posey’s immense success in the Big League, it’s something he says drives him to be the best he can be while playing the game that he loves.

The mental toughness to stay calm, cool, and collected in the clutch– and the desire to strive for goals that seem too far up in the stars to reach: these are the things that make Buster Posey one of the prominent Rockets in professional sports.

“I don’t want to look back and say I got to play the game that I love so much and didn’t give it everything I have,” Posey said. “As simple as that may sound, that’s how I feel.”

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