New Feature: Team Mental Leaderboards

Mental Leaderboards is a new feature of AthleteTypes found in Team Analytics.  The purpose is to provide coaches with a stack-ranked list of athletes on important topics such as leadership and mental toughness to help coaches make important situational personnel decisions.

Mental Leaderboards

We learned from our coach customers that they were using the system to identify the top athletes on their team in a number of mental categories.  They wanted to use this information to pick team captains or predict who might perform best under pressure. We decided to automate this process and provide ready-made lists on a number of categories coaches told us that would be helpful in making important situational personnel decisions.

We think this new feature will help coaches gain even more value from our athletic mindset system.

Seven categories the Mental Leaderboards Report stack-ranks the athletes on:

  1. Overall Athletic Mindset: These athletes can be counted on the most with regards to maturity and mental performance.
  2. Mental Toughness: Often thought of as the most important trait for overall athletic success.
  3. Grit: These athletes have the highest level of resilience and ability to persevere over the long haul. The athletes at the top of this list will have the highest ability to mentally endure anything from an intense game to a long and grueling season.
  4. Competitive Desire: High drive to excel. These are your athletes who care the most about winning and losing.
  5. Leadership Rating: Based on 7 traits of elite team captains described in the book “The Captain Class” by Sam Walker. The athletes that embody these 7 traits are the best suited to be the leaders of your team.
  6. Pressure Performers: This is the measure of the natural confidence and composure your athletes have in pressure situations. The ones who are high on the list will be more naturally inclined to performing well when the lights are the brightest.
  7. Hitting Mindset: Specifically designed for baseball and softball teams. Through a combination of decisiveness, self confidence, and other factors, players with a natural hitter’s mindset are ranked. Other sports requiring skills similar to hitting could also benefit from this scale.

Please also note that only coaches with our Elite level subscriptions will be able to view their leaderboards for the last three sections of the report, including their team rankings in the Leadership Rating, Pressure Performers, and Hitting Mindset categories.

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