Learn Your Athlete Type

Learn Your Athlete Type
  • Has a strong desire to help others
  • Listens well
  • Considers choices thoughtfully

Musketeer Characteristics

  • Loyal
  • True to self and others
  • Doesn’t usually rock the boat
  • Has and uses common sense
  • Greater focus on the team than on winning
  • Doesn’t need to be the star
  • Easy to talk to
  • May easily get caught up in helping others
  • Prefers to consider before talking




Musketeer Strengths

  • Has a strong desire to help others
  • Listens well
  • Considers choices thoughtfully

Musketeer Struggles

  • Could get taken advantage of by others
  • Sometimes has a hard time saying ‘no’ to others
  • May not be focused enough on winning

Musketeer Inspirations

  • Forming a strong bond
  • Everyone being authentic
  • Belonging to a close group
  • Helping the team succeed


Musketeers tend to be fair, honest, and truthful. For the most part, they are straightforward and serious. Musketeers will freely admit faults and mistakes. The Musketeer is willing to lend a helping hand.

Musketeers can be either outgoing or quiet, but their willingness to help others and form a close bond is their core characteristic. Finally, Musketeers tend to be thoughtful. They seldom jump to conclusions when making decisions or sizing up other people.

Effects of Defining Traits

Musketeers are attracted to team sports, and some Musketeers may be on the quiet side but they enjoy feeling as if they belong and part of the team. They seldom judge other people, and are tolerant and open-minded.

Others will probably see them as down to earth, modest and humble, not flamboyant.  Musketeers want plenty of time when making decisions, in fact, they grow uncomfortable when others try to rush them. Musketeers are interested in other people and also things of a practical nature. Most people will feel like it is easy to relate to a Musketeer.

One caution: some people will feel that a Musketeer is an easy target that they can take advantage of.

During Athletic Competition

When a Musketeer makes a mistake during competition, they are willing to recognize it unlike other types that may try to make excuses or fail to see what caused the mistake. This should help a Musketeer make modifications during competition so that the mistake is not repeated.

Musketeers tend to be cautious when making decisions, as they try extra hard to avoid mistakes. However, this can lead to hesitation, even making the Musketeer look tenuous or timid at times.  Musketeers with low confidence feel badly when they make a mistake, feeling as if they let the team down. If this happens, they will become even more hesitant.

Helping The Musketeer

The sport and position of the Musketeer should be analyzed and situations should be identified when the Musketeer needs to be quicker at reaching a decision. The Musketeer should not practice skills at half-speed. Make sure their practice repetitions are done at full-speed.

Skilled Musketeers can be an asset to the coach– they are naturals in terms of peer-coaching because they enjoy helping and mentoring their teammates. This can be an effective way to motivate and reward the Musketeer, and the coach gets the added bonus of peer instruction.

While their willingness to admit a mistake is regarded as a positive Musketeer trait, this could be a problem if this tendency becomes extreme. In other words, the Musketeer may claim the mistake was their fault when in reality there are other contributing factors.  For instance, a Musketeer QB may be reluctant to recognize that the botched snap exchange is really the fault of the center.

Finally, encourage and help Musketeers to learn techniques to get over mistakes quickly as this will greatly help them during competition.

Drew Brees Football

Andrew McCutchen Baseball

Chris Bocklet Lacrosse

Prominent Pro Athlete Musketeers

  • Drew Brees, football
  • Alex Smith, football
  • Von Miller, football
  • Amari Cooper, football
  • Clay Matthews, football
  • Mike Moustakas, baseball
  • Andrew McCutchen, baseball
  • George Springer, baseball
  • Owen Tippett, hockey
  • Chris Bocklet, lacrosse
  • Pat Harbeson, lacrosse
  • Shaun Venter, rugby

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