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TAP Athlete Types Mission

Why we do this:  To empower all athletes, coaches and teams to “TAP” their full potential in the mental game

For Athletes – Participating in competitive sports is a tremendous opportunity to change one’s life for the better and learn life lessons in a manner that is hard to duplicate in other environments or activities.  We believe that empowering athletes to develop the mind as well as the body leads to better athletic performance and an overall better experience.

For Coaches – Coaching a team of athletes is an awesome responsibility as coaches must juggle directing the development of individual athletes and bringing a diverse group of  athletes together to accomplish team success.  Empowering coaches with the insight and tools to direct the individuals on the team to make the most of his/her talents in coordination with the team is at the core of our mission.

For Parents – Parenting an athlete can be a challenge in today’s ultra competitive environment.   Providing parents with a deep understanding of their son/daughter’s mental makeup allows them to better communicate with their athlete and assist them in developing the psychological and emotional skills crucial to success in athletic competition and in life.  In providing understanding and direction to the parents, the overall athletic experience can deepen relationships and build life-lasting, positive memories.

For Teams – Sports teams are woven deep into the fabric of American life involving not only the athletes and  coaches but also team staff, parents, community members and fans. The essence of the TAP 360 System is helping a team get the most out of its athletes and coaches – making the entire experience more enjoyable and fulfilling for all involved.