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Coaching is a job that calls for being pulled in all sorts of different directions at all times. The nature of the job itself lends to a long list of things to do and an inadequate amount of time to handle all of the tasks at hand.

Due to these time constraints, AthleteTypes understands that the onboarding process onto our system can be difficult for coaches with a lot going on.

New Upload Roster Feature

AthleteTypes has developed a new feature in order to help facilitate coaches who want to get their teams on the cutting edge AthleteTypes mental training system but may not have the time it takes to truly tackle the task of getting everybody into the team database.

All the coach needs to do is send AthleteTypes a copy of their roster that includes their player’s names and email addresses.

It’s that simple!

The format of the file doesn’t even matter, as long as the player’s names and emails are included, AthleteTypes will take the information and start building the coach’s team database for them.

A coach could have a PDF, Word Document, Google Doc, or even a photo of their roster — it doesn’t matter, we’ll take whatever is sent our way and get to work!

After a coach sends us their roster, we will begin the process of inviting their players to take the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) assessment. We even send a couple of reminders to the athletes who have not yet completed the TAP within a two-week window.

As the players finish the TAP, they will automatically populate into the team console, ready for the coach to:

  • View their player’s reports
  • See advanced team analytics and reports
  • Monitor the Team Pulse
  • And so much more!

Once the athletes have taken the TAP, the coach can take the reigns and begin the process of having their team dominate the mental game!


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