Introduce Others to Elite Mental Training

AthleteTypes offers so many tools that can help you get to know the people you interact with the most.

Whether you’re a parent looking to find out more about your child, a player trying to better understand your teammates, or a coach attempting to get the most from your players, AthleteTypes has a way for you to improve these relationships and chase these goals.

Now, AthleteTypes is happy to announce the ability to refer others to take the TAP assessment and share with each other the benefit of elite mental self-awareness and training!

Benefits of Sharing

Spreading the word about AthleteTypes to your friends, teammates, co-worker, etc. can offer you many different benefits.

By introducing someone else to AthleteTypes and encouraging them to embrace and improve their mental game, you can not only help them but help yourself as well!

If you refer a friend that has never taken the TAP before and they then complete the TAP assessment you will receive access to your second Athlete Type absolutely free of charge.

What makes you different from the other people who share your Athlete Type?

Maybe you’re a Rocket who makes decisions a bit differently, or you could be a Maverick who is unconventional in your own unique way.

The truth is, these differences between members of the same Athlete Type stem from the fact that all people are some combination of two Athlete Types.

That means discovering your second Athlete Type can help explain your individuality and unique mindset!

New Friends and Teammates Report

The new refer a friend feature also allows you to get to know your friends and teammates better.

A new report from AthleteTypes, called the Friends and Teammate Report has been added to help you understand the people closest to you much better.

If your coach and team are already part of a team in the AthleteTypes system, your teammates will automatically be in this report, which shows you the Athlete Type of the people you interact with.

By using your unique referral link, you can essentially add your friends, teammates, coaches, or parents to this report by sending them your link.

Now, you will have all of your friends and teammates Athlete Types in one place, creating a one-stop-shop for helping you build and strengthen your relationships.

With quick reference to this report, you can evaluate the strengths, struggles, motivations, and best interaction styles with all of the people you communicate and interact with every day.

Getting to know the Athlete Types of people close to you will help you elevate one another, and build each other up. An Athlete Type can tell you so much about a person, and with this information, you can become better friends, teammates, siblings, etc.

Knowing someone’s Athlete Type can help you better understand how to comfort them when the other person is having a tough time, or how to best help them handle the successes they enjoy.

You can also use the Athlete Type information you get about your friends and teammates from this report to get to know them better, as well as evaluate things like how compatible you are with them and what you can do to improve that, or even look at what can cause them stress or burnout.

How to Share

Your referral link can be found in these different places:

To share your link, simply go to any of the above locations and copy and paste the link to share it with friends via email, text, or however you digitally communicate!


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