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One of the most vital parts of the AthleteTypes system is coaches having all of their athletes as part of their team on the app. This allows for easier access to their TAP assessment results, viewing of their reports, and access to a lot of the key team analytics tools provided by AthleteTypes.

Due to the huge importance of having all of your players as part of your team, AthleteTypes has gone through measures to simplify this onboarding process for coaches just getting acclimated to the system.

We already offer the ability to upload your roster by sending us it in whatever form you have it, as long as it includes the names and email addresses of your athletes. No matter the format, AthleteTypes will take your roster and build your team in the app for you, if your roster meets that two basic criteria.

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Introducing the Find Other Athletes Tool

To simplify the onboarding process even further, AthleteTypes is proud to roll out a new tool that will help coaches of pre-college teams to find their athletes who have already taken the TAP assessment but haven’t been added to the team database.

Where to Access This New Feature

Using this new tool is simple! All a team admin has to do is go to their “All People” page and locate the green “Find Other Athletes” button in the upper right corner of the page. After clicking that button, the tool is ready to be used:

Using the Tool

There are two ways a pre-college coach can leverage the new Find Other Athletes tool to help fill out their team database with their athletes.

The first way to utilize this tool is by searching for them using their name, the school’s name, etc.

Once you have found the athlete you are looking to add to your team database, you can request for them to be added by clicking the Request Share button.

The athlete will then receive a notification from us here at AthleteTypes that you have requested to add them to your team database.

In order for the athlete to be added, they must accept the request to be included in the team database.

If your team is a Core or Elite subscription level team, the only way for players to access these extra features as if they are a part of your team database, so getting everybody on board is extremely critical.

The second way you can use this tool is by viewing athletes who have shared their results with you through your email address.

In some cases, athletes will share their AthleteTypes results with you via email. This happens primarily when they didn’t receive or have forgotten your team code.

You can easily view these requests and then decide to add or decline the requests to be added to the team database.

Whenever you chose to add an athlete to your team, you will be granting them any premium reports or Mental Gym access that is provided to your team’s athletes based on your subscription level.



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