Everyone is Different, Why your Second Athlete Type Matters

Upon completion of the TAP (Troutwine Athletic Profile) assessment, an athlete is granted their basic Athlete Type report, free of charge.

The most integral part of that report and the basis for AthleteTypes as a company is the reveal of that athlete’s specific Athlete Type.

There are eight distinct Athlete Types: Eagle, Engineer, Ice, Knight, Maverick, Musketeer, Trailblazer, and Rocket. Each type has their own unique characteristics and represents the different mindsets athletes have, based on years of research and analysis of thousands of elite-level athletes.

The Basics of the Athlete Type

The advantages of knowing your Athlete Type are expansive. After completing the TAP, you are able to get in-depth information about your athletic mindset absolutely free. Some of the most important insights you get include information about:

  • Strengths — Things that are easy for you that other Athlete Types may find difficult
  • Struggles — Identification of situations or things that may not come naturally to you
  • Motivations — What will inspire you to be your best
  • Professional Perspective —  A list of professional athletes from a wide range of sports to show you that there are athletes with similar mindsets to you playing at the highest levels

You get all of this, plus tips about how to handle different situations you will encounter during your athletic career and life.

Everyone is Unique

Even when you get all of the information from your Athlete Type report, there is still so much more to discover about yourself.

Everyone is different, this is true even of people with the same Athlete Type. The truth is, most people’s mindset is actually a combination of two Athlete Types, to varying degrees.

These differences are why we see things like two Eagles differing in how they present themselves, each Engineer having their own way of solving problems, Ice athletes pushing for their goals in different ways, etc.

For most athletes, their primary Athlete Type feels very close and naturally, there are some parts that feel eerily accurate and one or two parts that don’t feel quite as perfect.

When that’s the case, it is probably because your second Athlete Type is being revealed in how you interact with the world.

The closer the match percentage of your second Athlete Type to your first, the more likely that your behavior is a blend of the two Athlete Types.

For example, you could be an 80 percent match to Maverick as your primary AthleteType, but a 79 percent match to Engineer as your second AthleteType, meaning you would be a pretty decent mix of the two.

However, if the percentages were more along the lines of 92 percent Maverick match and 67 percent Engineer, you would more than likely be heavily influenced by the Maverick Athlete Type with minor Engineer tendencies sprinkled in.

Benefits of Second Athlete Type

One of the most important benefits to learning your second Athlete Type is the wider level of understanding you are able to establish.

With your second Athlete Type, you are able to better comprehend what makes you tick. In turn, that helps your parents, coaches, or mentors do the same as well.

It becomes easier to understand your strengths and struggles, while also unveiling more about yourself — showing what makes you unique as an individual.

Discovering your second Athlete Type enables you to identify with the traits and characteristics that you feel you most identify with from two different Athlete Types.

This could mean that you are a Maverick who thinks a bit more conventionally than other Mavericks because your second Athlete Type is Eagle, or maybe you are an Engineer who isn’t afraid to take charge and make decisions as much as other Engineers would because your second Athlete Type is Rocket.

These are the sorts of small details about your personality that can make it much easier to understand how you will react during important situations. Valuable information that can facilitate better relationships with:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Classmates
  • Teammates
  • Friends
  • Siblings

Learning your Second Athlete Type

If you have purchased any Premium service or report from Athlete Types, or if you are a member of a team who is Premium or Elite Level, your second Athlete Type is already available on your Athlete Type Report!

However, there is also a way to unlock your second Athlete Type for free as well.

By using our new refer a friend feature, you can send a link to a friend to take the TAP assessment.

The link you send is unique to your account, and if the person you send it to completes the TAP for the first time with the link you send them, your second Athlete Type will become available to you, absolutely free!

By sharing your refer a friend link, you do not only gain the opportunity to discover your second Athlete Type, but you also add that person and their Athlete Type to our new Friends and Teammate Report.  This means you can share AthleteTypes with your friends and family, and see their AthleteType quickly and easily.

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