Establishing Boundaries for Trailblazer Athletes

Every athlete has different aspects of their mental game they need to work on in order to improve and build them into more complete players and people.

For each Athlete Type, there are certain tendencies that the majority of athletes who have that type can work on to better themselves.

Coaches, parents, teachers, and mentors can all help make a difference in young athletes’ lives by setting different boundaries and helping them understand some of their weaknesses and how to smooth those weaknesses out and become a more well-rounded athlete.

In this article, we will look at certain boundaries and techniques that could help if put in place for Trailblazer athletes.

Help Trailblazers See or Understand…

Trailblazers take on almost every task with grand enthusiasm and a large-scale plan to complete the task.

Due to their tendency to be idealistic, they may try to make things that would normally be quick and easy into a large-scale venture.


As a coach, parent, or teacher, it can be beneficial to sit down with a Trailblazer and help them realize that not all tasks will require them re-inventing the wheel.

For smaller tasks or chores you assign them, maybe set a time limit on how long it should take them, or put into perspective it normally takes other people to complete the same task.

Prevent Trailblazers From…

Trailblazers always keep their eyes peeled for the next new exciting opportunity to move onto. For coaches, parents, and teachers, this could be frustrating because a Trailblazer may not be able to remain focused on important tasks because their attention will be pulled in new directions pretty easily.

Helping a Trailblazer adapt and not getting distracted when they have important things to work on can be very beneficial.

Make sure to explain why prioritizing things is a key to staying focused, and help them realize it’s important to finish pressing tasks as soon as possible as opposed to running off into a new direction before the current task is complete.

Trailblazers are Bothered by…

Individuality is one of the biggest calling-cards for Trailblazers. Not only do they pride themselves on their own individuality, but they also appreciate others for theirs as well.


That is why it is important for a Trailblazer for their coaches, parents, or teammates to respect everyone for their individual differences, and allow them to let that individuality shine through. Trailblazers will become upset if they feel everyone’s individuality is being stifled.

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