Establishing Boundaries for Rocket Athletes

Every athlete has different aspects of their mental game they need to work on in order to improve and build them into more complete players and people.

For each Athlete Type, there are certain tendencies that the majority of athletes who have that type can work on to better themselves.

Coaches, parents, teachers, and mentors can all help make a difference in young athletes’ lives by setting different boundaries and helping them understand some of their weaknesses and how to smooth those weaknesses out and become a more well-rounded athlete.

In this article, we will look at certain boundaries and techniques that could help if put in place for Rocket athletes.

Help Rockets See or Understand…

Rockets are quick to make a decision. This is obviously not a bad thing — there are times where decisions need to be made quickly, especially in sports.

However, a Rocket may have situations arise where they need to take time to ponder a decision, really mulling over their options and deciding on what the best choice is for them.

A good example of a Rocket breaking tendency and taking time and considering a big decision is Andrew Luck in 2011.

Widely considered one of the most polished quarterback prospects in generations, Luck was a lock to be selected first overall in the 2011 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers had he declared. For a lot of people, (especially Rockets) the decision seemed to be an easy one: leave college a year early, and start cashing in on NFL checks.

However, Luck took the time to consider all of his options and really think about the life-altering decision he was about to make.

In the begining of this clip, you can hear Luck talk about what went into his decision:

As a coach or parent of a Rocket, it is important to encourage them to take some extra time to make decisions that don’t need to be made right away. Help them see the value of taking the extra time to think things out and evaluate all of the possible outcomes their decisions have.

For Luck, this inspiration came from his father, a former NFL quarterback himself. Luck eventually decided on returning to Stanford for his senior season in order to finish out his degree in architectural design.

“I am committed to earning my degree in architectural design from Stanford University and am on track to accomplish this at the completion of the spring quarter of 2012,” Luck said in a statement issued through the school.


Oliver Luck, his father expanded on his son’s decision saying, “It’s not like the NFL is going anywhere, it’s one of the best run leagues in the world. It will still be there when he graduates.”

Surely enough, the NFL was still there for Luck following his senior season, when he was picked first overall by the Indianapolis Colts in 2012.

This is something that won’t come naturally to them, so as a coach or parent, it’s important to help a Rocket learn that some situations call for deliberation and analysis before making a decision.

Prevent Rockets From…

Confidence is not a problem for Rockets, in fact, it’s the opposite. Overconfidence can develop into a big issue for some Rockets, especially in cases where they begin to underestimate or not take an opponent seriously.


Coaches have been dealing with problems like this forever now, and most good coaches are able to make sure their team doesn’t underestimate their opponents, but it may take a little more to convince a Rocket that their opponent isn’t one to be taken lightly.

This issue also manifests if a Rocket becomes too confident in their own abilities and make mistakes by overestimating their own abilities during competition.

Rockets are Bothered by…

Rockets like to have the work their doing noticed by coaches, teammates, parents, teachers, etc.

This stems from the Rockets tendency to work hard in order to move towards accomplishing their goals.


When a Rocket on your team seems to be making strides on the field or in the classroom, make sure you let them know you notice their improvement and encourage them to keep pushing to get better.

They want to be acknowledged for working hard, but they also want others to be as well. In a Rockets mind, working hard and steadily improving should be something to take pride in and not something that goes unnoticed.

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