Learn Your Athlete Type

Learn Your Athlete Type
  • Works to please others
  • Optimistic and cooperative
  • Plans ahead

Eagle Characteristics

  • Likes tradition and rules
  • Tends to have good work habits
  • Image-conscious
  • Very aware of how everyone is behaving
  • Tends to be “clean cut”
  • Tries to live up to society’s expectations
  • Reads symbolic themes into things
  • Punctual
  • Tends to be organized, neat, and tidy
  • May ignore their mistakes unless they are brought up




Eagle Strengths

  • Works to please others
  • Optimistic and cooperative
  • Plans ahead

Eagle Struggles

  • May not recognize flaws
  • May judge others harshly
  • May be too focused on others

Eagle Inspirations

  • Being seen as good and trustworthy
  • Planning ahead
  • Everyone doing their part
  • An organized and hardworking team


The Eagle will often be perceived as a straight arrow and a rules follower. They practice this ideal by being very organized and showing other similar behaviors like planning and attention to detail.

The Eagle believes that there is a proper time and place for everything. They like things to run on schedule. The Eagle is image-conscious. As an athlete, they proudly display their trophies and ribbons. This type is motivated to earn recognition awards.

Effects of Defining Traits

One effect of these traits found in the Eagle is that they are capable of getting a good deal of work done. They know how to work effectively.

The Eagle might even be a good example for others to emulate. This is because the Eagle typically follows rules, they care about their reputation, and seldom do they try to cross the line or push the envelope. The Eagle strives to have an ordered lifestyle.

Finally, the Eagle is reluctant to admit to a mistake or fault.

During Athletic Competition

Eagle traits typically have more impact on the team at practice and during the off-season than during competition. Most Eagles are able to bounce back from a mistake rather quickly when competing– they are capable of moving on to the next play or match.

The Eagle is able to make adjustments during competition. For example, an Eagle who plays basketball is able to make halftime adjustments. The coach can change the role or position of an Eagle athlete during competition.

Helping The Eagle

Much learning that occurs in sports is by trial and error. The error part means that mistakes will happen at practice and during competition. First, the individual must recognize that a mistake has been made. Then, they must figure out what caused the mistake and how to work to remedy the situation.

The Eagle needs help taking ownership of a mistake. Without complete ownership, the learning process will be impeded. The Eagle is confident enough that the coach can push them. The typical Eagle probably needs this because there is a slight tendency to settle for mediocrity, the Eagle needs to be challenged in order to reach their potential.

Finally, the Eagle feels more comfortable with coaches and programs that are organized and operate smoothly like a “well-oiled machine”.

Russell Wilson Football

Cecil Afrika Rugby

Cat Osterman Softball

Prominent Pro Athlete Eagles

  • Peyton Manning, football
  • Russell Wilson, football
  • Jimmy Garoppolo, football
  • Derek Carr, football
  • Deshaun Watson, football
  • J.J. Watt, football
  • Evan Fournier, basketball
  • Mike Trout, baseball
  • Madison Bumgarner, baseball
  • Kyle Schwarber, baseball
  • Noah Syndergaard, baseball
  • Corey Seager, baseball
  • Casey Mitelstadt, hockey
  • Joel White, lacrosse
  • Cecil Afrika, rugby
  • Theunis De Bruyn, cricket
  • Jailyn Ford, softball
  • Cat Osterman, softball

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