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Using Find Other Athletes Tool to Add Players who Forgot Team Code

There are cases where a coach has an athlete take the TAP assessment and the athlete either forget the team code or just never received it at all. In these cases, they take the assessment and do not automatically appear in the team’s roster.

Using the new Find Other Athletes tool, coaches are now able to easily find and add these athletes to their roster.

To do so, the coach must first go to the All People Tab and locate the Find Other Athletes button.

Once the coach clicks the green Find Other Athletes button, they will be prompted with this screen, where they are able to search for their player by using their name, school, high school graduation year, and/or the state they live in.

After having searched for the athlete, they will be in one of two categories. Either they elected to share their TAP results with coaches, in which case there will be an orange button next to their name, and the coach can just add them to their roster.

If the athlete hasn’t elected to share their results with coaches, the blue “Request” button will appear next to their name.

When a coach clicks the “Request” button, they will be prompted this message:


Due to NCAA compliance, AthleteTypes will contact the player for you and you will be notified once they respond to your add request.

If the athlete has given permission to share their results with coaches, you will see this when you click the orange “add” button:

You can confirm the athlete and view their results instantly, or add them and then keep searching for other athletes who may have also forgotten the team code.

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