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Basics of the Find Other Athletes Tool (Pre-College)

For information on how to get to the Find Other Athletes Tool, click here.

There are two ways a pre-college coach can use the new Find Other Athletes tool to help fill out their team database with their athletes.

The first way to use this tool is by searching for your athletes on this page, using their name, their school name, high school graduation year, and state they live in.

After you fill out the information, you can see the list of all the athletes who match the criteria you entered into the search bars.

You can then hit the green “Request Share” button and the will then be prompted with this screen:

Once you hit confirm, the request is sent to the athlete and if they agree they will be instantly added to your team account, gaining access to all the benefits your team’s subscription level provides.

The second way you can use this tool is by viewing athletes who have shared their results with you through your email address.

In some cases, athletes will share their AthleteTypes results with you via email. This happens primarily when they didn’t receive or have forgotten your team code.

You can easily view these requests and then decide to add or decline the requests to be added to the team database.

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