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How do I view my child’s reports?

To ensure that you do have access to the report, the person needs to be sharing a report with you. Steps and explanation for this process can be found at:

How do I share a report?

We use e-mail addresses as our unique identifier for individual accounts, it is important that no user shares an email address with another user.

When the player inputs the parent’s email address, we notify the parent via email and create an account for them to access their child’s reports. 

So, the parent would log in like everyone else at athletetypes.com and at a minimum, they will have access to their child’s reports. In this scenario, the player and parent would have separate accounts.

To access a report shared to you, you must first login here.

From there, on the left panel, you must access the Reports Section by selecting “My Reports”.

The link will take you to the Reports Page where there is a “Shared With Me” section of reports that have been shared with you.

A report named “Athlete Type TM  for Parent” will be visible below your child’s name. Click the link below the name to view your child’s report.

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