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What is the Crowdfunding Process?

Coaches or admins simply have to open the new crowdfunding tab on the left of their team’s page at Athletetypes.com, and turn the crowdfunding button to the “on” position. Once this happens AthleteTypes will reach out to you sending you various information you can use to get the word out to potential contributors. This includes:

  • Pre-written emails to send to parents and boosters at the start of the campaign
  • Social media posts for the team.
  • Twitter and Facebook accounts that can be posted throughout the 30-day fundraising period
  • Twitter and Facebook posts that can be sent from player and coach personal accounts to help spread the word throughout the campaign as well.
  • Two different sets of emails for contributors and team members and staff that sends updates about how the crowdfunding is going at the end of every week.
  • Pre-written thank you emails that get sent to anyone who contributes.

Once you receive this information it is up to you and your team to share your crowdfunding link with as many potential contributors as possible. The more people that see your team’s email or social media posts, the better chance you have at unlocking all of the features, and receiving more reports, tools, and features that AthleteTypes has to offer.

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