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Second Athlete Types

Second Athlete Types

What is a Second Athlete Type?

You may have noticed that there is a big grey area on your free Athlete Type Report if you have checked it recently.

As you can see, the greyed out area has information about Second Athlete Types. This requires some explaining.


We are all different, even those of us with the same Athlete Type. Every Knight has their own set of values, every Engineer will likely try to solve problems differently, not all Trailblazers will have the same taste in music or art, etc.

These differences stem from people drawing from two different Athlete Types. So, while you know your primary Athlete Type, discovering your secondary Athlete Type can make a huge difference in how you understand and manage yourself!

Discovering your second Athlete Type

Getting to know your second Athlete Type can be done in one of two different ways.

  1. Purchasing any premium AthleteTypes service or report: Getting a year-long subscription to the Mental Gym, or purchasing a premium report will unlock your second Athlete Type. If you are part of a premium or elite level team, you will receive your second Athlete Type as part of your team’s package.
  2. Using the new Refer a Friend tool: By using this new feature, you can also unlock your second Athlete Type. All you have to do is use the new refer a friend feature to send a friend an invite to take the TAP assessment with your unique link.   


If the person you refer starts and completes the TAP for the first time ever using your link, you will gain access to your second Athlete Type on your reports.


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