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Athlete Type Report

Athlete Type Report

What is an Athlete Type?

A deep statistical analysis of the TAP results of tens-of-thousands of elite athletes revealed eight (8) distinct athletic mindsets — each with their own characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and preferred coaching / interaction styles.

These distinct athletic mindsets were given names that matched their characteristics and became the 8 Athlete Types.

Benefit of Knowing Your Athlete Type

Knowing your Athlete Type can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Provide you with insight to your own mental make-up. This high level overview will help you get a better understanding to how you respond in different situations.
  • It creates a common framework for you and your coaches or parents to better understand and interact with one another.
  • You will get to see other elite level athletes who share your Athlete Type, meaning they have similar mental builds to you!

What is the Percent Match?

Percent Match refers to the percentage in which you truly fit into your Athlete Type. Obviously, everyone is different, so it’s likely you have mental building blocks across a couple of different Athlete Types. We show you which Athlete Type you match with the most, and the percent match that goes along with it.

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