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Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

AthleteTypes now offers the chance for friends to get connected and dominate the mental game together.

With the refer a friend feature, athletes are able to share their own personal link with others. There are different benefits to sharing your unique link with other friends and athletes you wish to connect with.


There are a couple of different areas where you can find the unique sharing link that you can send to friends, including:

My Account Page

On Mobile:

Athlete Type Section of Reports

Bottom of Athlete Type Section in Reports

On Mobile:


There are two reasons to use the refer a friend feature:

(1) Adding them to your Friends and Teammates Report

By sending your unique refer a friend link to somebody else, once they click the link you’ve sent them, they will be added to the Friends and Teammate Report, which you can find in your report sections:

You can begin to share your link with all of your friends, who will then populate this report, showing you their Athlete Type.

If you are a part of a team who uses AthleteTypes, all of your teammates and coaches Athlete Types will be shown in this report as well:

(2) The other reason for using the refer a friend feature is to unlock your second Athlete Type. If you share your link with someone, and they take the TAP assessment for the first time using your link, once they finish — you’re second Athlete Type will be available to you on your reports.


Before you share it, you will get a screen that looks like this, but after sharing (and the other person completing the TAP for the first time), you will see this:

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