DeMatha Baseball Utilizes the TAP

DeMatha HS baseball head coach first to use pro-level mindset indicator

March 19, 2015 Hyattsville, MD  The Right Profile interviewed DeMatha high school head baseball coach Sean O’Connor about being the first high school baseball coach to use the TAP® 360, the same athlete mindset indicator used by pro teams like the Kansas City Royals and Washington Nationals.

AthleteTypes: First, congratulations on being inducted into the Baltimore Boys of Summer Hall of Fame later this spring along with Brooks Robinson and Al Kaline.

Coach O’Connor: Yes, I’m in rarified air. All I want is a picture of us together!

AthleteTypes: You’ve had some recent successes, winning your title last year and the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference championship in 2013. Why did you consider adding this pro-level system to your program?

Coach O’Connor: With my 2013 team I felt I really knew those kids, I had coached them all summer.

Even though I knew those kids really well, the TAP takes it to a completely different level.

As I coach, I need to figure out what makes a player tick, what makes a player move on, and what is a great characteristic of an athlete and of an alumnus, that’s what sold me on the whole process. It’s a new way of thinking and why not take advantage of it.

AthleteTypes: Have you tested all of your players?

Coach O’Connor: We had every player take the TAP. From our perspective we are going to use it to understand how to talk to a certain player. If I need to talk to a player about their performance, I’m going to have this information to be able to help him. For us it is going to help us communicate with our players better. If the players have a trust factor and we have a trust factor, we can be very successful.

AthleteTypes: How are you using this to develop your players?

Coach O’Connor: When players are between 14 and 18 years old, playing on a team is a big part of their development. So if I have the ability to know about a weakness in a player, whether it be confidence or competitiveness, he has time to change that. If we have the tool to identify these and help them, we are going to make them better citizens, better people, and better athletes.

AthleteTypes: How is it going?

Coach O’Connor:  It’s funny that now that we tested our players, during our workouts I can see why certain players are struggling because of certain characteristics that the TAP picked up right away, be it lack of confidence, being insecure to make a decision, that absolutely shows up.

And when you address the player about it, they will say “Man, you really do know me.”

AthleteTypes: So, even though your program is successful, you still have something to learn?

Coach O’Connor: I think there are much smarter people in the world than me who have the ability to read other people very well. Now I have the scientific data that teaches me how to reach players, how they are going to react, how they handle pressure. This system allows me to be a lot smarter than I really am!


About the TAP

The TAP 360 System is an athlete development & coaching system for the mental game. It is based on the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) taken by nearly 20,000 elite athletes. The TAP 360 System is used by teams in the NFL®, MLB® & NBA® to evaluate and develop professional athletes. There are specialized TAP 360 versions for collegiate, high school and club athletic teams and a free starter program. The goal of the TAP 360 system is to help athletes develop a champion’s mindset. The TAP 360 system includes an athlete development report with suggested mental exercises and activities. For more information, visit  To take the TAP assessment, visit TAP 360 is product of AthleteTypes.

About Dematha Catholic HS Baseball

  • 10 Washington Catholic Athletic Conference Championship Titles
  • 19 Players in Major League Amateur Draft
  • Major League Baseball Player : Steve Farr, Brett Cecil
  • 3 Alumni Currently Playing Pro Ball: Brett Cecil, Connor Oliver, and Mike Perez
  • 21 Alumni Currently Playing College Baseball
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