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College Pricing

Each account includes all athletes & coaches per sport and per gender.


Football – FBS


per month

or $416.50 per month billed annually

Elite Account

For Teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision

Football – FCS


per month

or $249.50 per month billed annually

Elite Account

For Teams in the Football Championship Subdivision

Football – Others


per month

or $124.50 per month billed annually

Elite Account

For Division 2 and Division 3 Football Teams

Single Sport

Sport Team – D1


per month

or $124.50 per month billed annually

Elite Account

For all non-football sports teams in Division 1 Schools

Sport Team – Others


per month

or $41.50 per month billed annually

Elite Account

For all other non-football college sport teams

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Free Starter Account

What do I get with my Elite AthleteTypes team account?

Here’s the difference between a starter account, and an elite account


Forever Free


Athlete Type Report
for athlete, coach, and parent
Camps & Recruiting
use for camps, recruits, & searching scouting database
Athlete Profile Report
premium report for athletes
Premium Coach Report
adds sports psychologist commentary & analytics
Athlete Profile for Parent
premium report on an athlete for parent
Team Console
with Starter Team Reports
Elite Team Reporting
performance traits, team pulse, & analytics
Mental Gym – Starter
athlete type workouts + sample 2 skills and 1 habit
Mental Gym – Elite
all workouts for performance traits, elite metrics and other elite topics

“We can assess the physical skills of a player, it’s much harder to assess their mental tools. AthleteTypes gives us an opportunity to learn what works for each player, plus how to best coach and develop our new recruits to help them reach their full potential.”

Jacquie Joseph
Head Softball Coach, Michigan State University – 4x NCAA Regionals

Commonly Asked Questions

You can use your credit card to pay for any team account plan. If you sign up for an Elite Annual subscription, we can invoice you if you need to pay via check. You can Contact us to start that process.

Our Elite accounts are set up and paid on a per-sport and per-gender basis. For sports played by both genders, the men’s basketball program will need a separate account from the women’s basketball program and those accounts include all players and coaches involved in each respective sport. If your school would like to explore purchasing for the athletic department, please Contact Us to start that process.

Our monthly subscription is an annual plan billed monthly.  You will be committing to 12 monthly payments of the plan you select.  This ensures your full year of AthleteTypes while starting with a smaller monthly payment rather than a large annual payment at once.

We use the words ‘Forever Free’ for a reason.  Our starter account will always remain free.  AthleteTypes believes that every coach, athlete and team should have access to the basic tools that allow them to understand themselves and their athletes better.  We believe that if every athlete knew a little bit more about their mental game, they would not only be better at their sport, but better in life as well.

Yes! You can have multiple team account managers.  A team account manager will have the ability to add/remove athletes from the team, view all reports, and use the team console.  You can add more managers to the team from within the app team control panel.

While we do not count how many athletes you have or have a limit, we do reserve the right to reach out to discuss your account if we notice there are more athletes than should be realistically expected from a team with your account type.  Remember that the team accounts are set up on a per sport, per gender basis.

Yes! When athletes are no longer active on the team, you move them to alumni status. Alumni can be kept in your database as part of our athlete matching to help you coach new athletes that are matched as similar to an alumni athlete(s). You can add new athletes to your team at any time.

Yes! Any athlete can be part of many other teams. However, they will only be able to see what their team accounts have enabled them to see.


US High Schools


Colleges and Universities


Pro athletes from the NFL®, MLB®, NBA®, NHL®, MLL®, MLS®, NPF® and more

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