College of Charleston Baseball and the TAP

Charleston Baseball Coach Monte Lee says TAP accurately profiles players and recruits.

March 31, 2015 Charleston, SC  Headed out for a weekend series, Head Baseball Coach Monte Lee at the College of Charleston took some time to talk with AthleteTypes about the TAP system.

Coach Lee: We had a really good year last year (CAA Tournament Champions and NCAA Regional Champions) and are finding a way to put ourselves in that position again this year.

AthleteTypes: Are you using the TAP? Have you tested all of your players?

Coach Lee: As soon as we signed up for the TAP 360 program, the first thing we did was give the TAP to all of our coaches first. Then we gave it to the players. What was amazing to me is how accurate the player profiles and the evaluation reports are.

A lot of the things that we were seeing with our players individually, the TAP really, really confirmed our thoughts and helped us understand how to handle our players, how to coach our players, what works for certain players and what doesn’t work.

I think the biggest thing is that it gives you a real in-depth insight into the mental makeup of the player and what you can do as a coach to try to help him.

AthleteTypes: Do you test recruits?

 Coach Lee: It’s been a huge tool for us. We send it to all of our recruits and the signees – players who are coming in next year who have already signed with us – to begin the process of trying to gain an understanding of their mental makeup, their strengths and weaknesses even before they get here. We’re sending it to future recruits, too.

AthleteTypes: How has the TAP affected your program?

Coach Lee: I think it has been very valuable. The TAP is something that we talk about either on a daily basis or several times a week at least, about what we are seeing in the TAP reports about current players, incoming players and future players. It’s a very big part of our program, it’s not just something that we use sometimes. It’s something that we will use in the future every single year. We are trying to introduce it to other coaches at the College of Charleston as well.

AthleteTypes: Do you have any feedback from the players?

Coach Lee: We went over the reports with some of the players. When you go over their profile it gives them some feedback and awareness about areas that they are really strong at and areas that need to be addressed or that they don’t handle as well. It’s good for self-awareness of the player. He gets an idea of things he has to work on.

AthleteTypes: How does it help in baseball?

Coach Lee: The game of baseball is a game of failure. You are going to have to deal with frustration and failure. How you deal with that is based on your self image. The TAP will tell you if a player handles pressure well or if he doesn’t. It will tell you if a player is ultra-competitive or he isn’t. Is he physically aggressive or not? Can he think on his feet? Is he a good decision-maker? When a player hits his red flag areas, he has to be able to address them.

AthleteTypes: What about the Evaluation Report?

Coach Lee: We are really big on the Evaluation Report side of the TAP. It talks about the player’s coachability and their desire. Those two are very important in the success of a player. It shows a player’s strengths and his weaknesses and areas he needs to improve upon. It shortens the learning curve a lot for the coach, and for the player when it comes to helping them maximize their potential.

It’s all about trying to maximize a player’s potential. You get to open up the inside of a player and really get a good view of what he is all about. It’s not just about the hitting and fielding and base running technique anymore, it’s about discovering how can we help him become a complete player.

AthleteTypes: Are the TAP reports accurate?

Coach Lee: What really impressed us early on was the accuracy of the TAP. That was the piece that I was the most hesitant about. I mean, how accurate can it really be? It’s just a 20-minute test. When we started reading the reports, we were blown away by how accurate they are. That was the most impressive part. It’s really good.

AthleteTypes: How does it help you build your team?

Coach Lee: You can look at yourself and identify what kind of players fit your program, what kind of attributes do you look for and do you like as a player. You can test recruits and tell if this player is a good fit for your coaching style.

The TAP tells you a lot about a player before he ever comes to your program, so you can help him right away as a freshman as opposed to just learning about someone’s strengths in year two or even year three.

Sometimes it takes time to identify attributes in a player and sometimes you don’t know until you start playing.

What we say is that the off-season doesn’t really tell you a lot about a player because some players are a lot better when you put the lights on and put them in a pressure situation, and some aren’t. The TAP gives us a lot more insight how individual players handle pressure situations.

AthleteTypes: Any last thoughts?

Coach Lee: We think it’s a great tool; we thoroughly enjoy using the TAP. It’s something we’re glad we are a part of and something that we will continue use.


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