Updates to AthleteTypes Performance Traits

2019-02-07T20:34:12+00:00Performance Trait, Product Update|

Here at AthleteTypes, we adhere to the principle of CANI, Constant And Never-ending Improvement.  In the spirit of CANI, we are improving our Performance & Growth Traits we measure and provide coaching and training upon.

Throughout 2018, we conducted extensive research on more than 100,000 athlete profiles and coach focus groups to ensure our measured Performance & Growth Traits were the most accurate and helpful to athletic mindset coaching and development available in the market today.  As a result of these efforts, we are making the following changes and improvements:

  1. Growth Trait Name Change:

Find Other Athletes: College Teams

2019-02-07T20:29:57+00:00Product Update|

AthleteTypes is focused on improving the existing product we offer while also introducing new, cutting-edge features.

For our college team clients, we are now making our vast scouting database available for searching and viewing.  This is a game changer that should help college coaches […]

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