5 Keys to Avoiding Burnout in Eagle Athlete Types


Here are the 5 key points to take away when trying to reduce the risk of burnout in Eagle athletes: 1.) When talking to the Eagle, make sure you get to the core issues that are bothering them. 2.) Don’t speak ill of coaches or teammates of the Eagle in front of them, they will feel the need to pick sides, creating more stress. 3.) Remind the Eagle that they can only control what they can control, what others do is up to them. 4.) Make sure the Eagle isn’t working themselves too hard. Help them relax. 5.) Praise the Eagle when they do something positive!

Peyton Manning: Eyes of an Eagle

2019-02-15T19:38:27+00:00Adaptability, Attention to Detail, Coachability, Composure, Eagle, Mental Performance, Rules Following, Speed Concentration|

Peyton Manning is known for being perceptive and intelligent behind center. Whether he was taking snaps for the Indianapolis Colts or the Denver Broncos, Manning was always the most prepared player on the field.

This affinity for preparation and hard-work relates to Manning’s mindset as an Eagle […]

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