Benedictine University Athletics joins AthleteTypes

Fast-Growing Benedictine University is First Division III school to Offer AthleteTypes TAP 360 Athlete Development System to All Student Athletes & Sports Teams

Benedictine University, ranked the No.1 fastest-growing campus by The Chronicle of Higher Education, adds the TAP 360 System from AthleteTypes.

July 7, 2015 Lisle, IL  The Right Profile (TRP) interviewed Mark McHorney, Athletic Director at Benedictine University about being the first Division III school to implement the TAP 360 system.


Mark McHorney, Director of Athletics, Benedictine University

AthleteTypes: What made you look for a way to help athletes and coaches? 

Mark McHorney: We recently introduced the SOAR Academy, a comprehensive personal and professional development program designed to bring the many resources the university offers into unique programming for student athletes.

We needed a functional tool that could help our student athletes with self-discovery.

On the flip side, we wanted to provide our coaches with a functional tool to understand the uniqueness of every student outside of just their general personality. We felt it was very important to find something that was being used by professional and college sports teams. In doing so, we felt we could help our students and help our coaches in a very intentional way.

AthleteTypes: What’s your plan for implementing the TAP system into your program? 

Mark McHorney: We are entering our first year of using the TAP system and we have just started to implement it. We had the athletes take it at the end of the school year so that our coaches have the summer to familiarize themselves with the information about each of their athletes. The students have their reports as well, so they can utilize it as they begin the coming season.

AthleteTypes: Do you have many coaches that are interested in using it? 

Mark McHorney: Once our coaches were introduced to the idea, we found that a majority of our coaches were very much into the mental side of the game. We were ready to invest in the whole process: advising the coaches how to use it, and teaching the students how to use it, and it’s been a good process so far. We offered the TAP system to certain coaches and have eight pilot programs going in football, baseball, men’s and women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball and men’s lacrosse. These are all coaches who valued it and wanted to use it. We’re pretty excited about that!

AthleteTypes: Have you had a number of students take the TAP?

Mark McHorney: We have. Almost 200 Benedictine athletes have taken it. We are the first Division III school to use a pro-level profile like this. We want to be leading the adoption of progressive programs for our student athletes and implementing programs that affect the lives of student athletes every single day. Students are looking to get every available resource at their disposal to make them the best student and the best student athlete. The TAP is another testament to our commitment to that.

AthleteTypes: What makes these coaches different? 

Mark McHorney: Good coaches are willing to adapt. You have to make in-game adjustments, and I think that this is where sports programs are heading: a lot more focus on single sport training as students come through. There is so much to motivating today’s athletes that many take for granted.

The TAP allows us to speak to students in a meaningful, impactful manner.

AthleteTypes: We understand you were looking for this type of system and discovered that the Patriots use it. 

Mark McHorney: I found out about the TAP after reading a Sports Illustrated article about how the New England Patriots consider the (TAP) report to be confidential and proprietary. After finding more about the TAP online and seeing how heavily it is used, I contacted AthleteTypes. It quickly became clear that this could be a good partnership for us.

AthleteTypes: Good luck in the coming season!

Mark McHorney: Thank you. My hope is to maximize this resource to the best of our ability. It’s all about improvement, every which way. The TAP is part of our culture. When we discuss our culture, we are talking about improving everything we are doing, and the TAP is a big step. We are looking to provide an elite experience for anyone who wants to participate in intercollegiate athletics. We think that the TAP will help us recruit and retain athletes. We are thrilled with it. We think the possibilities are endless.


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