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Athletic (Summer) Camps

The Right Profile has a program for working with athletic (summer) camps allowing campers to gain the experience of an elite college or professional athlete by taking the TAP assessment and then receiving their free personalized TAP Athlete Type™ report.  There are no charges or fees required of athletic camps or campers to participate.

Top 5 reasons for including the TAP assessment as part of your athletic camp

  1. Camp coaches receive free TAP AthleteType reports on all camp participants via a secure, online AthleteTypes database to improve instruction & coaching during the camp.
  2. Campers gain the experience of an elite college or professional athlete by taking the TAP assessment.
  3. Campers receive their free TAP AthleteTypereport  — something more enduring and useful for their development than the typical camp t-shirt or water bottle.
  4. Campers have the option to purchase a premium Athlete Profile report or other services such as access to the Mental Gym to assist their athletic development for the mental game – extending the philosophy of a camp as a conduit for athletic improvement.
  5. High volume camps can sign up to be an affiliate partner and earn extra revenue each time a camper purchases a premium Athlete Profile report.

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Online Assessment & Team Database Application

TAP Assessment
Unlimited online assessment of campers. Provides a state-of-the-art elite college / professional athlete experience.

Team Console
Secure, web-based application for viewing reports and managing the camp database & overall system. Available via Internet browser on PC, Mac or tablet.

Included TAP Report:

TAP AthleteType Report
Tens of thousands of elite athletes have taken the TAP assessment over the years creating the richest database of this kind on the planet. A deep statistical analysis of the TAP database revealed eight (8) distinct athlete types (more than personality). The report includes these components:

  • Matched Athlete Type
  • Type Characteristics
  • Type Strengths
  • Type Weaknesses
  • Particularly effective coaching techniques to help each type maximize their potential
  • List of prominent professional athletes of the same type
  • Top and low score on the 12 TAP Performance Traits
  • 2 free workouts in the Mental Gym
  • PLUS – a free report for parents too!

Premium Alternative:  some camps prefer to provide campers the premium Athlete Profile report as part of the camp experience.  We offer bulk, wholesale pricing for these camps.  Fill out the inquiry form below to explore this option with us.

How does it work?

Campers taking the TAP Assessment (takes approximately 25 minutes to complete)

  • Recommended: Before the camp, camp athletes are sent an invitation to take the TAP assessment online using a special link/code that will link the athlete to the camp.  The coach creates the code while creating an AthleteTypes account for the camp.
  • Alternative: if the camp has access to a computer lab or a decent number of Internet-connected iPads, taking the TAP could be incorporated into the camp agenda;

Receiving & Using the TAP Athlete Type™ Reports

  • Immediately upon completing the TAP assessment, the athlete will be provided their TAP Athlete Type™ report online and will receive a login to retrieve it in the future as well as share it with others.
  • The TAP AthleteType™ report will also be immediately available to camp coaches in the camp’s online AthleteTypes database.
  • TAP AthleteType™ group exercises will be provided to the camp coaches to create a fun, interactive and informational session to help campers improve their mental game

Extra Revenue

  • For high volume camps, you can sign up to be an affiliate partner to share revenues from camper upgrades to premium services.  30-days after the camp concludes the camp’s organizer/head coach will be sent a check based upon the premium reports purchased by the camp attendees. Fill out the inquiry form below to explore this option with us.
Free Camp Starter Account

If you work with athletic camps and want to sign up or learn more about how you can leverage the TAP assessment and reports in the camp experience and/or raise additional funds for your athletic team or program, please fill out the following inquiry form:

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