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Confidence is inarguably an important trait to have in sports, and in life. In life, you need the confidence to do all sorts of things– from succeeding in the workplace to meeting new people, those with true confidence go out of their way to enrich their lives because they believe they can handle it.

In respect to the TAP, Dr. Troutwine describes confidence as a measure of, “one’s propensity to naturally exhibit confidence as it relates to the situations one faces in competition or in life generally. The higher the score, the more one will exhibit a “take charge” style be secure with themselves and in their own decisions.”

“A lower score in confidence may reflect a preference for the security of deciding things as a group or deferring to others. They may not feel comfortable in the limelight or taking charge over others,” the explanation continues. “While they may be better at speaking up for others, they may not always be great about speaking up for their own needs. They may benefit from help in becoming comfortable with their own leadership abilities and learning techniques which focus on confidently arguing their point and speaking up for their own needs.”

Put simply, the confidence rating shows the likelihood of someone naturally exhibiting confidence in competitive situations and in life.

Confidence, competitive desire, and grit are the major growth traits that, along with various other traits, come together to make up someone’s mental toughness score.


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