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About the
Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) Assessment

The Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) is proprietary and available exclusively through AthleteTypes.

The TAP is an athletic mindset indicator that measures the mental intangibles related to athletic and personal success. Specifically, the TAP measures an individual’s matched athlete type matches to 66 mindset indicators, growth versus fixed mindset, scores on the 12 performance traits, 8 cognitive functions, and 3 learning traits.  These measurements are all important for participating and competing in athletics.

Upon completion of the TAP, output in the form of reports and development plans are available for improving both individual and team performance. This information leads to building champions.


The TAP can be taken online at AthleteTypes.com or through athletic teams and organizations that work directly with AthleteTypes and have their own access to the TAP assessment.

The TAP assessment consists of approximately 100-questions and one timed exercise.  It takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. Upon completion of the TAP, a rich array of output in the form of reports and development plans for the individual athlete are available.

The TAP is highly reliable, meaning a person’s scores are very consistent, do not vary much from day to day. Reliability checks have yielded high figures, r = .92, (where a value of 1.00 would be perfect).

The TAP does not measure one’s clinical/medical personality and cannot make a psychological nor medical diagnosis.


The TAP is designed for individuals age 13 and above.  All athletes age 13 and above are recommended to take the TAP for free to learn more about themselves including tips & techniques for improvement.

The primary purpose of the TAP is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the individual athlete’s mental make-up so that all the stakeholders in an athlete’s development – the athlete, coach and parent/mentor – are armed with tools and techniques to be most effective with interactions, foster development, and optimize performance.

Coaches, parents and sports fans are also welcome to take the TAP for free to learn their athletic mindset through their matched athlete type.


The TAP should be taken at least once per year for competitive athletes aged 13-25.  Although core personality traits rarely change, attitudes and habits can be developed through effective coaching and training and those changes will be picked up by the TAP and the corresponding reports.


Dr. Robert Troutwine
Chief Psychologist,

Starting in 1985, Dr. Robert Troutwine began assessing prospective professional football players on critical factors believed to predict performance success and organizational compatibility for the National Football League (NFL®).

These critical factors are generally referred to as “intangibles”, such as composure under pressure, competitive spirit, mental toughness, ability to adjust, etc. This led to the original development of the TAP in 1988. The TAP has undergone several revisions over the years, its latest in 2017.

Tom Brady’s strong TAP “intangibles” helped the Patriots draft him in the 2000 NFL draft

The TAP has a 30+ year record of success in player personnel evaluation with leading teams in the NFL®, MLB®, NBA®, NHL®, NCAA® and also the US Department of Defense.  Over 100 championships have been won by teams using the TAP, including the New England Patriots, Kansas City Royals and San Antonio Spurs.

Our users include athletes and teams representing:


US High Schools


Colleges and Universities

Nine professional leagues including the NFL®, MLB®, NBA®, NHL®, NPF® and more

The TAP and AthleteTypes system has many success stories including:

  • TAP used by NFL Hall-of-Famer Bill Polian to build rosters at Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts.  The TAP and Dr. Troutwine famously helped the Colts choose Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf in 1998 NFL draft.
  • TAP used to build New England Patriot rosters during entire tenure of Bill Belichick – including providing insights to the Patriots as to Tom Brady’s strong mental intangibles in 2000 NFL draft.
  • TAP used to build roster of 2015 World Series champion Kansas City Royals – specifically targeting players that scored high in mental toughness.
  • TAP & AthleteTypes system used by a South African sports psychologist in 2016 with three of his client teams. ALL won professional championships in Rugby, Cricket and Netball, respectively, in their first season of using the system.

The TAP helped the Colts select Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf in the 1998 NFL Draft

In 2017, Dr. Troutwine co-founded AthleteTypes, combining the TAP with a performance analytics platform to develop the ground-breaking AthleteTypes system – an end-to-end online system for assessing, coaching, and training athletes for peak mental performance in sports, school and life.  Now, the TAP and AthleteTypes system are available to all teams and athletic departments with athletes aged 13 and above. The core system is offered free of charge to help fulfill our mission to help all athletes, coaches, and teams elevate their mental game.

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