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About AthleteTypes

AthleteTypes offers the leading, end-to-end online system for helping athletes and teams succeed mentally at every level. By delivering easy-to-use sports psychology tools that provide athletic mindset assessment and training, AthleteTypes equips athletes, coaches, and teams with the information they need to reach their full potential.

Utilizing the TAP assessment—a system with a 30-plus-year record of success in player evaluation with teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA—AthleteTypes provides a comprehensive understanding of athletes’ mental makeup. Representative clients include the New England Patriots, Kansas City Royals, Philadelphia 76ers,  the University of Texas , and Firecracker Softball.

AthleteTypes was founded and built on the premise that athletics is one of the most important activities for molding young people with positive characteristics and life skills that will serve them not only in athletics and school, but for their entire life.  Our system empowers this process by:

Delivering powerful, easy-to-use sports psychology tools and training to boost the success and well-being of every athlete, coach, and team — regardless of their ability to pay.

(our base product is completely free).

The company was formed in 2017 when leaders in the fields of athletic mindset assessment, behavior science, and predictive analytics joined forces to fulfill the above mission.

AthleteTypes offers a full suite of online tools for athletic mindset assessment, individualized coaching guidance, team and individual analytics, as well as athlete development of mental skills and positive habits in the “mental gym”.

The AthleteTypes database is already the largest collection of athlete assessments on the planet and is the preferred athletic mindset system for leading teams in 10 different professional leagues in the US and internationally.

The system is also used by teams and organizations across all levels of amateur sports including Olympics, college, high school, and youth.

US High Schools
Colleges & Universities
Pro athletes from the NFL®, MLB®, NBA®, NHL®, MLL®, MLS®, NPF® and more

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