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What is an Athlete Type?

A High Level Profile of a Successful Athletic Mindset

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A deep statistical analysis of the TAP results of tens-of-thousands of elite athletes revealed eight (8) distinct athletic mindsets — each with their own characteristics, strengths, struggles, and preferred coaching / interaction styles.

These distinct athletic mindsets were given names that matched their characteristics and became the 8 Athlete Types.

Trailblazer Athlete Type
Rocket Athlete Type
Eagle Athlete Type
Engineer Athlete Type
Knight Athlete Type
Musketeer Athlete Type
Ice Athlete Type
Maverick Athlete Type

How are the Athlete Types useful?


The Athlete Types provide a high level overview of an individual’s mental make-up


Introduces a common framework for coaches and athletes to better understand and interact with one another


Athlete Types provide a positive self-identifying image for athletes

Fun To

Most find it interesting and fun to learn their Athlete Type and share it with others

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