5 Challenges Every Athlete Faces with Composure

One of the biggest things about composure is the emotional stability and ability to keep a positive outlook.

Sports Psychology Today describes challenges that can cause athletes to lose their composure:

Perfectionism: Trying to be perfect can be detrimental because at the first sign of imperfection or adversity, it may cause an athlete and their plan to fall apart.

Social Approval: Living up to others expectations of you is tough for anyone to deal with. If an athlete begins to believe they are letting down others, it could cause a stir to their composure.

Irrational Beliefs: Getting yourself worked up when the pressure mounts is something a lot of athletes and people deal with. Once a couple of things go wrong, more and more irrational thoughts can begin to form, causing athletes to lose their composure.

Fear of Failure: Likely one of the most common causes for a loss of composure, an athlete can become shaken when it appears they may be on a path towards failure.

Dwelling on Errors: After an athlete makes a mistake, they are likely to go through some mental hurdles in order to get over their rattled confidence and composure. Being able to brush these mistakes off and get right back into the right mindset is a huge part of sports.

When dealing with athletes who struggle with composure, it is beneficial to go over the Three R’s of composure: Recognize, Regroup, and Refocus.

Getting an athlete to recognize when their composure is slipping, and then making sure they are able to recollect themselves and their thoughts, is hugely important.

It really becomes a game changer when athletes become able to refocus themselves after their composure has been shaken, and get back into the competition, despite any setbacks.


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