4 Traits all Coachable People Have

For an athlete who wants to improve their coachability, NFL Player Engagement has a blog post that offers tips and certain traits for athletes looking to become more coachable.

Here is a list of some of the traits and tips suggested, along with some additional explanation from AthleteTypes:


Hard Work: If you work hard and try your best during drills and practice, the improvement will come! Just work on taking what the coaches tell you and implementing it into your game. If you keep up the hard work, the results will speak for themselves.

Discipline: Being disciplined will allow you to better take the coaching you are receiving and put it into practice.

Patience: When you are receiving coaching and taking that in and adding it to your own skill set, you don’t become an expert immediately. Keep working hard and remain patient, and eventually, the coaching and practice will pay off.

Accountable: Sometimes you are going to make mistakes. Don’t blame these mistakes on others, be accountable and take the coaching that goes along with making mistakes– it’ll help you learn and move forward.


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