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The TAP Athlete Types™

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Why knowing Athlete Type™ is important

More than 30,000 elite athletes have taken the TAP assessment over the years creating the richest database of this kind on the planet.  A deep statistical analysis of the TAP database based on the actual answers by these elite athletes revealed eight (8) distinct Athlete Types™ (more than personality), each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and particularly effective coaching techniques to help each type maximize their potential.

The TAP Athlete Types™ are beneficial in a variety of ways

  • Athlete Types™ provide a high level overview of an individual’s mental make-up
  • They introduce a common framework for coaches and athletes to better understand and interact with one another
  • They provide a positive self-identifying image for athletes
  • Most find it interesting and fun to learn their Athlete Type™ and share it with others

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The Science Behind Athlete Types™

The Discovery of Athlete Types™

Over the years, a database of athletes’ results was collected that contained more than 20,000 individuals. This was the population used to discover if there were distinct types of athletes based on their TAP results. The process used involves sophisticated and complicated statistics that basically compute differences or distance between all individuals at the same time on a multitude of dimensions. It’s like a telescope that can see all parts of the universe at once.

The result was that eight distinct Athlete Types™ were discovered. If someone had a large database of results on salespeople or healthcare providers, the same analysis might reveal certain types of salespeople or nurses. Perhaps there would only be four types of salespeople or 15 types of nurses.

Once the Athlete Types™ were discovered, it became possible to determine what Athlete Type™ a person is once they complete the TAP survey. The analysis reveals which Athlete Type™ the person is closest to, much like determining which solar system a planet might belong to. The person might be far from the center of the Athlete Type™ or could be very close, but everyone will be classified as falling into one of the eight Athlete Types™.

Revealing the Closest Athlete Type™

Making someone’s Athlete Type™ public does not reveal their personal TAP results.

Knowing a person’s Athlete Type™ will tell you nothing about their specific TAP results ranging from competitiveness to concentration and from stability to verbal ability. All you know is that this person shares in common some characteristics of a large group of athletes.

Athlete Type™ does

  • help coaches know how to best deal with certain kinds of players
  • help athletes identify with well-known professional players who have the same Athlete Type™ (provides identity
  • help athletes gain personal insight
  • help parents and others with tips to support the athlete
  • provide a reward for completing the TAP survey
  • provide a platform for teambuilding exercises and group discussions
  • help people understand that not everyone is the same

Athlete Type™ does NOT indicate

  • performance on the field
  • potential for success at the next level
  • psychological issues or pathology
  • leadership potential
  • ability to get along with others

The Mental Gym™: Workouts to improve mental performance on the field

The Right Profile’s Mental Gym™ provides a special Athlete Type™ report for the Coach and another for the Parent/Mentor that include contextual tips for the athlete’s matched type.

Sports psychologist designed exercises & activities to improve mental toughness, confidence, focus, and more. Each workout is an interactive experience for athletes. The TAP 360 system tracks activity and achievement for each athlete.

Coaches have the ability to assign and create custom Mental Gym™ workouts for groups and individual athletes.

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