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TAP Instructions

Before taking the TAP assessment, be sure to have an Internet-connected device such as a PC, Mac or tablet. It is not recommended to take the TAP on a smartphone because the smaller screen could hinder one’s results. Choose a quiet location and set aside 20-25 minutes to complete the assessment. Below you will find more detail about setting up your account, entering your team’s code (very important!), taking the TAP, and getting your results.

Report Guides

Think of these as your user manuals. Learn how to access, view, print and share your reports. Each section is explained in detail.

TAP 360 Instructions

Find everything you need to set up your TAP 360 account: taking the TAP with a TAP 360 code; navigating your coach’s console; showing athletes how to access their reports.  Start with the TAP 360 QuickStart Guide.


How do I….?  Before asking us, the answer is in the instructions or in the appropriate guide! Check that first!
If your question is not answered in any of the instructions or guides, email us at support@takethetap.com.