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How Athletes & Teams Dominate the Mental Game

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See sample Athlete Profile Report for Parent
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Athletic Mindset

Learn what makes your athlete “tick” and compare to other elite athletes

Discover their TAP Athlete Type to learn which pro type they match with including the type’s core characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

Learn your athlete’s scores on the TAP Performance Traits and see how they stack up with the pros, college and high school athlete averages.

Understand your athlete’s mental strengths and opportunities to improve.

Personalized Guidance

Get personalized parent mentoring guidance from
Pro Sports Psychologist Dr. Robert Troutwine

Parent Mentoring Report

 Situational Tips • Commentary • Activities

See sample Athlete Profile Report for Parent

Have personalized, parenting tips ready to help in common situations your son/daughter will encounter in sports.

In-depth, personalized commentary, guidance and suggested activities available as needed on the six TAP parenting factors.

See sample Athlete Profile Report for Parent

Mental Training

Have your athlete train in the online Mental Gym

The Mental Gym provides a vast online library of interactive mental workouts and activities designed to create new habits, shape behavior and build character so your athlete can dominate the mental game in sports and in life.


How does your athlete’s Mental Game measure up?

Coaches and sports scientists agree that success in sports is up to 90% mental.  

Help Your Athlete

Develop Positive Work Habits

Build Confidence & Character

Improve Mental Performance

…by having your Athlete take the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) for FREE. 

See sample Athlete Profile Report for Parent

Your athlete will receive:

  • Their Athlete Type and a list of pros athletes with the same type
  • Personalized tips to improve their mental game
  • Mental Toughness score and how it stacks up to high school, college and pro athletes
  • Two free workouts in the online Mental Gym™

As the parent you will receive: 

  • Parent Mentoring Athlete Type report
  • Personalized tips for helping your athlete
  • Communication tips for different situations

Parents, you too can take the TAP for FREE and receive your own Athlete Type report.

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