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The Mental Gym™

Workouts to improve mental performance on the field

The Right Profile’s Mental Gym™ contains mental workouts designed by a sports psychologist to improve mental toughness, confidence, focus, and more. Each workout is an interactive experience for athletes.

Assign Workouts

Coaches have the ability to assign workouts and create custom Mental Gym™ workouts for groups and individual athletes.

Automatic Tracking & Reminders

The TAP 360 system tracks activity and achievement for each athlete – what workout is completed, which one is next, and sends reminders.

Sample Workouts

Take The TAP


Brain Training

Companies that offer brain training, primarily through online exercises, claim to improve cognitive skills like reaction time, recognition, memory and attention span.

Typically, the person engages in a task that is somewhat like a videogame. As you might imagine, with some practice, people generally get better at playing the videogame-like task. Originally, it was hoped that this could help people suffering from problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The real question was whether this kind of training would carry over to other tasks such as helping athletes on the field. Research now is indicating the brain training does little to help athletes during practice and competition. In fact, some companies have been fined for improper claims.

The Mental Gym™ is completely different.

Once athletes complete the TAP assessment, they go to the Mental Gym™ to work on psychological skills that will help with the mental part of their game.

For instance, there is a Mental Toughness Boot Camp that includes many workouts and activities similar to what is used in training Special Forces in the military. This includes resiliency, confidence, emotional control and energy management.

Thus, the mental part of the Mental Gym™ focuses on the mind of the athlete and the gym part of the Mental Gym™ means that athletes need to continually do workouts, not just to improve strength and stamina, but also important psychological skills related to performance.

Many of the workouts span a month or more of routine activities and athletes are given reminders about developing better mental habits, so that improvement is on-going.