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Athletic Camp Coaches Can Now Sign Up to Get Pro-level Athlete Profiles

Chicago – May 30, 2014

The Right Profile, the leader in athlete development systems for the mental game, today launched TAP 360 for Camps, an online system for athletic camps to leverage the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) and TAP Athlete Types™ for personalized instruction.TAP 360 for Camps can take a traditional athletic camp to the next level by leveraging the TAP Athlete Type™ data to quickly identify different player types and help coaches quickly determine what coaching styles and tactics might be most effective for individual athletes.

“Camps present very condensed timelines for coaches to teach skills and assess players, the TAP allows them to better evaluate and understand participating athletes on day one,”

said Dr. Robert Troutwine, noted organizational psychologist and developer of the TAP.  The TAP assessment has been used by elite college and professional teams in the NFL, NBA & MLB for nearly twenty years, and is currently being used by a number of college team clients for their summer camps. TAP 360 for Camps is offered free of charge to both the team and the athletes attending the camp, with additional premium reports available for a fee.

TAP 360 for Camps includes these key components:

●    Coaches receive TAP Athlete Types™ reports on all camp participants via a secure, online TAP 360 database to improve instruction & coaching during the camp
●    Campers gain the experience of an elite college or professional athlete by taking the TAP assessment
●    Campers receive their TAP Athlete Types™ report – something more enduring and useful for their development than the typical camp t-shirt or water bottle
●    The system includes step-by-step instructions for conducting exercises at the camp based upon the TAP Athlete Types™ – adding a new mental component to camp instruction
●    Campers have the option to purchase premium TAP Reports to assist their athletic development for the mental game – extending the philosophy of a camp as a conduit for athletic improvement.
●    Camps earn extra revenue each time a camper or parent purchases a premium TAP report

More information on TAP 360 for Camps is available at TAP 360 is a product of The Right Profile, LLC, the leader in athlete development systems. The Right Profile works with teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, college & high school level to empower athletes, coaches and teams to TAP their fullest potential.