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Manny Machado: Family Bonds

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Born and raised in Hialeah, Florida, Manny Machado grew up going to Marlins games in Miami. Baseball was a key component in the Dominican household Machado was raised in.

After being selected third overall out of high school in the 2010 MLB draft, Machado has experienced many highs and some very deep lows in his young MLB career.

Read about how Machado’s upbringing and experiences in the MLB continue to change him as a person and how his Knight mentality has shown itself through […]

Mental Gym 101

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The Mental Gym is a useful tool that helps athletes develop the psychological skills that will help with the mental part of their game. Designed by a sports psychologist and with specific focus on skills that can be built anywhere from hours to a couple of days, or habits that can take weeks or even months, the Mental Gym can be an effective way to develop great mindsets.

Every profile from Athlete Types comes with 3 free Mental Gym workouts.

Use the Mental Gym to help you develop […]

Testing for Mental Toughness with Dr. Robert Troutwine

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Interview with Dr. Robert Troutwine, the chief psychologist at The Right Profile, who tests elite athletes for their Mental Toughness.

Dr. Troutwine, you’ve been testing elite athletes for 30 years. What are you looking for in a player?

“The real question I drive at is: Can this player take their game to the next level? With the evidence that we collect in the TAP, we feel very confident that we can ascertain that. Remember, at all levels – pro, college and high school – scouts and coaches are looking at the physical qualities of the players. Some of these players are at the top in terms of their physical skills. They can run, jump, bench press the world, but the last thing, the unknown, is the mental side.

“Do they have weaknesses that hold them back or the opposite, in the pros are they a late round pick that is a diamond in the rough […]