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13 03, 2018

Tough as Steel: Brendan Fowler

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Brendan Fowler currently plays professional lacrosse for the New York Lizards, a team in Major League Lacrosse and for the Vancouver Stealth, a team in the National Lacrosse League.

His story starts far before he landed in the professional ranks though, his college career began as he walked-on to both the Duke football and lacrosse teams, the result of hard work and mental toughness he put in while growing up.

Fowler took the TAP assessment awhile back and discovered he was a Rocket Athlete.

Read more to find out how the Rocket athlete type fits Fowler, and how effective and accurate he believes the TAP results are:


14 12, 2016

Mental Toughness has Always Been a Muscle for Me

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Brendan Fowler, MLL All-Star and 2x NCAA national champion, who began his career as a walk-on football and lacrosse player at Duke, scored a 99 on the TAP for Mental Toughness, a combination of traits that are not just personality but include habits, attitude and mindset. We asked him about mental toughness and how that made a difference for him.

What happened when you took the TAP and saw your results?

brendon-fowler-lacrosse“I thought it was cool. The test was pretty in depth and it compares you to elite athletes. But I do pride myself on mental toughness, which has been an edge for me over a lot of guys because I never thought I was the most gifted guy physically but I thought I had a mental edge over a lot of people. It was cool to see that come up on the test […]