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A Dominant Evolution: Jake Arrieta

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After a revolving-door career between the Baltimore Orioles and their Richmond-based minor league affiliate, Jake Arrieta considered quitting baseball altogether.

Three years later, he put together one of the most dominant stretches by a pitcher in the entire history of baseball.

Read this and find out how a change of scenery and an open mind to new training techniques, trademarks of his Maverick athlete type– helped Arrieta transcend the poor start to his career:


Always Adapting: Justin Verlander

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Justin Verlander has been one of the most feared pitchers in baseball over the last decade and a half.

After playing all of his major league career for the Detroit Tigers, Verlander was traded to the Houston Astros at the trade deadline in 2017 and helped carry the Astros to the World Series title.

Find out how Verlander, a Maverick Athlete, used all of the technology and data at his disposal in Houston to develop a new pitch in his repertoire, and take his already high-level game up […]

Manny Machado: Family Bonds

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Born and raised in Hialeah, Florida, Manny Machado grew up going to Marlins games in Miami. Baseball was a key component in the Dominican household Machado was raised in.

After being selected third overall out of high school in the 2010 MLB draft, Machado has experienced many highs and some very deep lows in his young MLB career.

Read about how Machado’s upbringing and experiences in the MLB continue to change him as a person and how his Knight mentality has shown itself through his career and life:

The Posterboy: Kris Bryant

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Kris Bryant was a key cog in the Chicago Cubs finally breaking through their 107 year long championship drought, bringing home the World Series title in 2016.

The 2016 National League MVP has been an impact player since breaking into the Majors as the Rookie of the Year in 2015.   

Read this article to see how the Trailblazer mentality manifests itself in Bryant both on and off the diamond:


George Springer: Helpful Energy

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The Houston Astros spent the 2009-2013 seasons in the cellar of the American League. Somewhat affectionately known as the “LASTros” during this period, the suffering eventually led to something sweet for the Houston baseball team.

George Springer, the 11th pick in the 2011 MLB Draft made his Major League debut for the Astros in 2014.

Since then, he has become the emotional leader of the Astros locker room, having a huge hand in the transformation from bottom dwellers, to World Series champs.

Read more to find out how the Musketeer mindset has been a […]

Aaron Judge: Flurry of Improvement

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He’s become the face of the Yankees after just one season. The power hitting, wide smiling Aaron Judge took the baseball world by storm last season, crushing home runs and leading the Yankees to the American League Championship Series, where they lost to the eventual World Series champs, the Houston Astros.

It wasn’t always a sure thing that Judge would figure it out though. Heading into Spring training in 2017, he was in a close competition with Aaron Hicks for the Yankees starting right fielder job– after an up and down first stint […]

Mike Trout: The Clean-Cut Eagle

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Mike Trout is one of the most exciting young players in baseball. An all-star in all six of his full seasons in the MLB, he burst onto the scene as the future face of the MLB.

The two-time MVP is an Eagle Athlete, and he displays some of the Eagle’s key characteristics, with his clean-cut attitude and appearance and his dedication to hard work on and off of the field.

Read about how Trout exemplifies the Eagle athlete type and ways and situations in which the Eagle mindset has helped propel him to the […]

Out of Orbit: Buster Posey

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A three-time World Series champion for the Giants and an All-American at Florida State, Buster Posey is one of the most successful baseball players in modern baseball.

Comfortable with being in the spotlight and always calm in the pressure-packed moments of big-time games, Posey is the poster-player for Rocket athletes in Major League Baseball.

Read about how the Rocket mentality has propelled Posey to becoming the National League MVP in 2012, and even further throughout his career:


Engineering Success: Tim Lincecum

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Not many players shocked the status quo quite like Tim Lincecum. A unique pitching motion at a much smaller size relative to his Major League pitching peers, Lincecum was a fan favorite in San Francisco.

His mechanics were the result of countless hours on the mound as a kid, fine tuned by Lincecum and his father. As an Engineer athlete, Lincecum became great at sticking with that pitching routine, continuing to develop and fine tune it to the point where he won two Cy Youngs.

Read this to see how the Engineer mindset was crucial in Lincecum’s initial success […]