Cecil Afrika: Flying the Right Path

Many people stateside may not know who Cecil Afrika is, but internationally– especially in the world of rugby, he is a superstar.

One thing that separates Afrika from the rest of his peers is his Eagle athlete mindset. An extremely hard worker, Afrika has had to battle back from severe injuries at multiple points during his historic career.

Read this to learn more about how Afrika’s mindset helped him get over the mental hurdles of his injuries and how he used his relentless work ethic to push himself and his team to even greater heights:


Out of Orbit: Buster Posey

A three-time World Series champion for the Giants and All-American for Florida State, Buster Posey is one of the most successful baseball players in recent history.

Comfortable with being in the spotlight and always calm in the pressure packed moments of big-time games, Posey is the poster-player for Rocket athletes in Major League Baseball.

Read about how the Rocket mentality has propelled Posey to becoming the National League MVP in 2012, and even further throughout his career:


Hitting the Ball to the Moon: Lauren Chamberlain

She crushed more home runs in Division I college softball history, and left an NCAA Women’s College World Series champion.

Lauren Chamberlain is as competitive as they come, staying cool in the biggest moments, always calculating how she can adjust to help lift her team over the top.

Find out how Chamberlain’s Rocket athlete mindset is helping her transition from college stardom to professional success, and how it’s shown up in competition time and time again.


Blasting off: The G.R.O.A.T, Tom Brady

When you think of clutch performances, there isn’t many that come to mind before the monstrous 25-point comeback the New England Patriots put together to beat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

Led by the Greatest Rocket of All Time, Tom Brady– the Patriots were able to conquer what seemed to be an insurmountable lead. With Brdy leading the way with his trademark clutch drives and killer instincts, you could feel the tide rising as the game pushed past the third quarter.

Read more to learn about how the Rocket athlete mindset has molded Tom Brady into the legendary clutch performer we all have come to know, here:


Mental Gym 101

The Mental Gym is a useful tool that helps athletes develop the psychological skills that will help with the mental part of their game. Designed by a sports psychologist and with specific focus on skills that can be built anywhere from hours to a couple of days, or habits that can take weeks or even months, the Mental Gym can be an effective way to develop great mindsets.

Every profile from Athlete Types comes with 3 free Mental Gym workouts.

Use the Mental Gym to help you develop some of your weaker Mindset Indicators which measure your distinct mental strengths and targeted areas you can work on to improve!

So how exactly does the Mental Gym work, and what exactly happens when you begin a workout? Well, here’s a short introduction into how the Mental Gym works and how you can get it to work well for you:


Engineering Success: Tim Lincecum

Not many players shocked the status quo quite like Tim Lincecum. A unique pitching motion at a much smaller size relative to his Major League pitching peers, Lincecum was a fan favorite in San Francisco.

His mechanics were the result of countless hours on the mound as a kid, fine tuned by Lincecum and his father. As an Engineer athlete, Lincecum became great at sticking with that pitching routine, continuing to develop and fine tune it to the point where he won two Cy Youngs.

Read this to see how the Engineer mindset was crucial in Lincecum’s initial success in the MLB and the springboard to his current comeback with the Texas Rangers:


Recruiting the Mental Game

National signing day was last week and there have already been plenty of think-pieces from the media and debate from fans as to which teams emerged atop of the 2018 recruiting cycle.

While yelling about measurables and star-rankings is fun for fans and easy for team PR departments to pump up, it’s important to realize that these measurements are not the end all, be all in recruit evaluation. […]

Testing for Mental Toughness with Dr. Robert Troutwine

Interview with Dr. Robert Troutwine, the chief psychologist at The Right Profile, who tests elite athletes for their Mental Toughness.

Dr. Troutwine, you’ve been testing elite athletes for 30 years. What are you looking for in a player?

“The real question I drive at is: Can this player take their game to the next level? With the evidence that we collect in the TAP, we feel very confident that we can ascertain that. Remember, at all levels – pro, college and high school – scouts and coaches are looking at the physical qualities of the players. Some of these players are at the top in terms of their physical skills. They can run, jump, bench press the world, but the last thing, the unknown, is the mental side.

“Do they have weaknesses that hold them back or the opposite, in the pros are they a late round pick that is a diamond in the rough […]

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